Central District’s 23rd and Union

23rd and Union of Sir Mix-A-Lot fame:

Wheelin 23rd we saw nuttin but thugs

The girlies was too skinny from smoking all them drugs

Cause the rock man got em and their butts just dropped

The freaks looked depressed cause the Benz don’t stop

At 23rd and Union the driver broke left…..

– My Posse’s on Broadway

There was an article about the revival of 23rd and Union today in the Seattle Times.  At first, I thought: “Really?”  I drive through 23rd and Union almost every day and stop there about once every two weeks to get gas, go to the Post Office, etc. and if you asked me it was not getting any better.  Not that it is as bad as the Sir Mix-A-Lot song would have you think, but the gas station has been closed for the last couple weeks, no one is in the old sub shop for two plus years, the lot on the corner (where the cool old brick building used to be) is still surrounded by a chain link fence with no activity.  But after reading the article, I got excited that better times are ahead.  The gas station is going to re-open, there is a bakery going in the old sub shop, and the businesses are banning together to improve the area.  Honestly, I think 23rd and Union has a real chance.  Just down the street in Seattle’s Madrona neighborhood on 34th and Union the businesses seem to be thriving.  On MLK and Union the Grocery Outlet seems to be doing well and the area really seems booming when they do the farmers markets down there.  Around 20th and Union the business seem to be doing well and 12th and Union has new restaurants and apartment buildings.  Hopefully with these new businesses, 23rd and Union will be revived.

Seattle City Light Finds More Problems

LightningIf you’ve been reading the news (or caught our other blogs in West Seattle and Queen Anne), you are probably familiar with the latest Seattle City Light inspection of over 20,000 streetlights in the Seattle Area including the Madrona neighborhood. What stemmed from a tragic electrocution to a Queen Anne dog (and other similar voltage problems), Seattle City Light is now conducting a wide-spread check of all metal lamp posts and plates to check for electricity and other related problems. More problems have been found in lamps in the Capitol Hill, First Hill, and Central District neighborhoods as of Wednesday, Dec. 15th. The Seattle Times released an article on the findings which revealed all three light posts emitted over 50 volts, which is considered to be dangerous.   One pole was found on Seattle’s Capitol Hill on 13th Avenue and E. Aloha Street, another just a few blocks from Madrona on 23rd Avenue and E. Union Street and the last on First Hill on Boren Avenue and Madison Street.  The pole with the highest voltage was emitting between 90 and 105 volts and was found on Boren Avenue and Madison Street. Crews were immediately called to the scene to figure out the problem after Seattle City Light cut power. After speaking with other utility companies around the nation, Seattle City Light spokeswoman says nearly 1 in every 337 streetlights could have problems, which means more could pop up. In the meantime, if you notice anything suspicious about the poles in your neighborhood, you are encouraged to call 206-684-7056.

Mudslide in Madrona

Madrona MudslideMadrona MudslideMadrona MudslideThe recent overwhelming downpour in Seattle neighborhoods over the past week has been threatening both roads and local businesses and homes.  In particular, homeowners have begun facing mudslides and flooding in their own backyards.  Some areas are in bigger trouble than others, for example, the Madison Valley / Madrona area and along Lake Washington Boulevard, places that face heavy flooding from the 2010 Seattle rain storm.  To the left are pictures taken of two Seattle residents who experienced a mudslide first hand.  Pictured is the backyards of two Madrona homes behind which a slide has occurred, taking out entire portions of the backyard and surrounding fence.  Let’s hope the Madison Valley Storm Project continues to help drain these flooded areas and we can deter any future mudslides.  That and a little less water from these heavy rain storms in Seattle.

Madison Valley Storm Drain @ 30th and John

Madrona Storm Water

Madison Valley Storm Water Facility

Seattle Rain Storm

Seattle Rain Storm

I took a couple snap shots this weekend during the Seattle rain storm of the Madrona park / storm water holding area on 30th Ave East and East John.  The facility is used for excess storm water from the Madrona / Denny Blaine area when there is heavy rain.  The facility seemed to be working when I was there although on the other side of the street, in between the Madrona homes, there was a lot of water.  I was told there are drains in the backyards that lead under the street to the park/storm water facility, but it seems from just looking at it that the backyards and the park / storm water facility are on the same level so that is why the water was still in their backyards.  None of the houses seemed to be taking on water.

As I wrote the other week, they are currently working on Phase 2 of the Madison Valley Storm Water Project.

Christmas Ships in Madrona

Christmas WreathEvery year, the Greater Seattle Christmas Ship festival features holiday cruises that sails to over 45 waterfront communities in the Puget Sound Area .  The long running tradition (over 61 years) features holiday music from an on-board choir, full decor and a meal option.  Aboard the ship, passengers enjoy the sites of the season from the water.  On shore, many community members gather in anticipation of the Christmas Ships’ arrival to see the beautiful sights. This past Sunday, the ships stopped by the Seattle Tennis Club in the Washington Park neighborhood, but do not fear, you have plenty more chances to see the Seattle Christmas Ships.  They are visiting nearby neighborhoods several more times this Holiday Season.  The Christmas Ships will be at Madrona Park this weekend, Saturday Dec. 4th, from 9:25-9:45 pm.  They will also be making their way down to the Mt. Baker/Seward Park area, if you want to venture further.  On Sunday Dec 5th, they will start in Seward Park area, at Ferdinand Street in Andrews Bay (a.k.a. Seward Park Bay) at 5:40- 6:00 pm, then head to Stan Sayres Memorial Park (a.k.a. “The Pits”) from 6:15-6:35 pm, and finally to Mt. Baker Beach from 6:45-7:05 pm.  If you miss either of these stops, the Seattle  Christmas Ships will be up in Madison Park on Saturday, Dec. 18th.  The Christmas Ships will be there from 4:55- 5:15 pm.  If it is anything like previous years, then you had better get there  early.  If you don’t, you will have to park several blocks away from the beach, which ‘I heard’ is no fun running to when you hear the music start and you have a two year old in tow.  If you prefer a shorter commute, head down to see them at Madrona Park.  .  Don’t miss out on this long-standing traditions and see the Christmas Ships this holiday season!  Follow the link to see a full schedule of stops and tickets.

Molly Moon’s “Leo the Truck”

Molly Moon's Truck

Molly Moon's Truck

The popular and deliciously unique Seattle based Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream got its start in the Wallingford neighborhood by the head creamer of the same name, Molly Moon Neitzel.  What was initially a little known boutique ice cream shop, Molly Moon’s has since grown into a city-wide craving for the distinctly flavored treat.  From the more extraordinary salted caramel and honey lavender, to the typical (however anything but plain) vanilla bean and theo chocolate, customers have been drooling over Moon’s creations since opening in 2008.  A second shop was opened in Capitol Hill not soon after and now, to our luck, Molly Moon is currently taking a online poll of where to open a third!!  Neighborhoods up for the honor are Ballard, Queen Anne and Madrona. Speaking of Madrona-residents got a taste of what’s (possibly) to come when the famed truck toting mobile Molly Moon’s stopped on 34th Avenue.  Despite the cold weather, many people walked away with cone in hand.  People stood in line for the ice cream, faring the cold weather, unable to resist Molly Moon’s.  We snapped a picture of the truck and residents (above) to prove nothing can stop the urge for Molly Moon’s.  The truck, “Leo the Truck” visits many Seattle neighborhoods and you can find out where he’ll be by following facebook and twitter.  In connection with the contest, Leo will reside in one of the three nominated  neighborhoods for the next three months.  Leo will be parked at 1435 34th Avenue, open Wed. and Thurs. from 5-10 pm and Fri, Sat. and Sun. from 12-10 pm for the whole month of December!!  Show your support by visiting the truck this month if you want Madrona to be the new Molly Moon’s shop home!  Or, go online and “like” the “Bring Molly Moon’s to Madrona” facebook page.  If it does open in Madrona, residents from the nearby neighborhood Denny Blaine are sure to be just as ecstatic.  Cross your fingers!