Forum Regarding Women’s Shelter at Madrona Presbyterian Church

Madrona Presbyterian ChurchSaturday, July 30th from 11 AM to 12:30 PM there is a community forum regarding the Madrona Presbyterian Church’s goal to open a women’s shelter.  All Madrona neighborhood residents as well as Madrona businesses and other entities are invited to attend.  Madrona Presbyterian pastor as well as members will make a presentation with time for questions and feedback.  The plan is to open the shelter for women and their children by this winter.

Madrona Presbyterian Church
832 – 32nd Avenue
Seattle, WA 98122

Madrona Shelterhouse To Be Updated

Madrona ShelterhouseMadrona Shelterhouse next to the Madrona Playground and tennis courts has been approved to receive funds to be updated from Seattle Parks and Green Space Levy inflation funds.  Funding was approved on Monday.  Scheduling has yet to be determined for the Madrona Shelterhouse.  For more details read my previous blog about the Seattle Parks and Green Space funds.

Mayor McGinn to Tour Madrona

Mayor McGinnMayor Mike McGinn is tentatively schedule to do a walking tour of Madrona on the morning of Saturday, September 10th followed by a community Q&A.  The Madrona Community Council will be meeting with the Mayor’s office to determine the details.  The Q&A is believed to be too large for the Madrona Shelterhouse, so the Madrona K-8 may host the meeting.

Stayed tuned.

Another Madrona: Madrona Venture Group

Madrona Tree SculptureBear with me: A couple years ago, I was in Roslyn WA with my father at The Brick.  There was a biker (Harley not a Schwinn) at the bar who had just gotten back from Sturgis – where a half million bikers converge on the small town of Sturgis, South Dakota for a week every August.  My father was curious about Sturgis so he asked the biker, “So where do you sleep?”  The biker looked at my father like he just saw something move in the waste paper basket, snarled and said, “ON THE GROUND!” then turned back to his beer – ending the conversation.  Back to this later.

Often when I see “Madrona” in the news it is because Seattle’s Madrona Venture Group has invested in a company or one of the companies they have ownership in has done something newsworthy.  For example, Madrona Venture Group recently led investment in PressPlane – a company that, among other things, allows you to design websites from your smartphone.

I always thought Madrona Venture Group (formerly Madrona Investment Group) had founders with connections with the Madrona neighborhood, but when I looked into it I could find no such link.

So curious I decided to find out how they got their name, so I emailed them to their general email.  I was polite, saying something like, ‘sorry to bother you but I was wondering where you got your name.’  I got no answer in a week, so I emailed them a couple times with no answer.  So at first I thought ‘forget it.’  But I kept seeing Madrona Venture Group in the news, so I restarted my efforts.  Like Andy requesting books for the prison library from the state legislature in the Shawshank Redemption, every day when I saw Madrona Venture Group in the news, I sent them an email asking about their name.  Well “Madrona Venture Group” comes up a lot, so I was contacting them quite frequently.  Eventually, I got a reply.  I was excited and relieved.   I did not expect much from the email; I guess I expected a link or a cut out from some stock answer saying something like ‘We are named after the madrona tree [after all their logo is the tree], because like a tree we believe our participation in young companies allows them to grow…’ or something along those lines.  So I opened the email and it simply said “The Tree.”  I wonder if the author of the email will be in Sturgis this August.

Domestic Dispute? Man Stabbed in Madrona Park

Seattle PolicemanAccording to the Seattle Police, a 21-year-old man was stabbed in the hand and leg Monday night around 6:30 PM during a fight at Madrona Beach / Madrona Park.  Officers responded to a report that two men were fighting in the 800 block of Lake Washington Boulevard.  When they arrived the Seattle Police found a man who had been stabbed.

The victim told police he and the other man, who he knew, were fighting in the nearby parking lot when the other man attempted to spray him with pepper spray. The victim then ran, but his assailant caught up with him and stabbed him in the leg and finger with a steak knife.  The victim was then able to hold the suspect and call for help from people nearby, but the assailant broke free and fled through the Madrona Woods.

Officers were able to later arrest the suspect at a residence in the 600 Block of 22nd Avenue. The 19 year old male suspect was later booked for Investigation of Domestic Violence Assault.

The stabbed man’s injuries were not believed to be life threatening.

Madrona’s New Resident, Molly Moon, Recognized

Molly MoonsMadrona’s new commercial resident, Molly Moon, is recognized.  Not the shop, but Molly Moon Neitzel, the owner of Molly Moon’s Homemade Ice Cream was recognized Puget Sound Business Journal’s 40 Under 40.  The Business Journal identified 40 Seattleites under the age of 40 who are dynamic leaders in their business, their industry and their community.

Congratulations, Molly Neitzel.

Madrona Restaurant: Cool Hand Lukes…I Mean St. Clouds

St CloudsIn my mind Macy’s is still the Bon Marche, the Red Apple in Madison Park is still the IGA, and St. Clouds is still Cool Hand Lukes, but unlike the first two…I do not think the latter has any relation to its predecessor other than its space.  Thus, I will correct myself: St. Clouds Food & Spirits (not Cool  Hand Lukes) is a great Seattle restaurant.  Everyone is really friendly, the food is good, and the prices are reasonable.  Everyone loves the Hi Spot for brunch but St. Clouds has a brunch I like a lot too.  Although most of the times we go there for dinner where the herbed roasted chicken or the parmigiano-crusted pork tenderloin are some of the favorites.

During the summer you can eat on the back garden patio hidden behind the building or inside in the bar area or in the main dining area.  They often have live music tucked just to the left as you enter the Madrona restaurant.

St. Clouds in one of the few places in Madrona that you can sit at the bar and have a cocktail.  At the Madrona Ale House you can sit and have a beer, but only (that I can think of) St. Clouds and Naam have a bar where you can have a cocktail.  St. Clouds has a happy hour Monday through Friday from 5 PM to 6:30 PM.

St. Clouds is located in the middle of Madrona on 34th just south of Union.  Open 5 PM to 11 PM Sunday through Thursday, and until Midnight on Friday and Saturday.  Also, Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 2 PM.    

Something Different in Madrona…Right Here at Bottlehouse and…

Wilridge Winery


Bottlehouse Madrona


Walking around Madrona the other day and something was different.  (Think Tommy Boy) Not here by Pritty Boys Pizza, not here so much by St. Clouds and Madrona Ale House, but right here at Bottlehouse and Wilridge Winery.  Then it hit me like a big 2 x 4 across the face – Bottlehouse and Wildridge Winery got a paint job – at least I thought the building did.  So I finally went though my pictures to see the before and after.  It could be just the Seattle sunny weather, people walking around Madrona, and patrons enjoying the Bottlehouse deck, but I think the paint job looks good.

Madrona Rentals Rent Quickly

Madrona RentalsSince June 1st there have been four rentals in Madrona offered through the Northwest Multiple Listing Service (NWMLS).   The NWMLS rentals are those represented by licensed real estate agents, thus it most likely does not include everything that has rented in Madrona.  Nevertheless I noticed several interesting things.  The first was ALL the Madrona rentals were represented by Ewing & Clark – impressive that we were involved in every transaction.  Second, the days on market (the numbers of day it took to lease them) for each rental was extremely low.  The homes rented in 4, 29, 14, and 13 days which was very fast especially for the price range.  The first rental on 29thAvenue rented in 4 days with a list priced of $1,600, the second Madrona home on 36th Avenue rented in 29 days (which was delayed because of the previous tenants’ schedule was not conducive to showings) and was listed for $4,000, the third house on 37th Avenue rented in 14 days with a list price of $3,950, and the final house on 36th Avenue (pictured) leased in 13 days while asking for $3,900 in rent.

As I wrote back in April, rentals in Seattle are in high demand especially those that are clean and well cared for 3+ bedrooms home with nice/newer kitchens and baths.  The demand is obviously still there and Ewing & Clark knows the area well.  Please contact me if you are interested.

Statistics not compiled or published by the Northwest Multiple Listing

Roadwork in Madrona

MadronaOn July 30th & 31st the Seattle Department of Transportation has scheduled street construction on 34th Avenue in Madrona.  The plan is to do major arterial maintenance on 34th Avenue between Pike and Denny.  The street and sidewalk will be partially closed during construction and parking will be limited.