Patrons Beware: Parking Tickets in Madrona

Madrona ParkingLast week a friend of mine went to a dinner party at the Hi Spot.  While most Madrona residents know that Hi Spot closes at 4 PM, many might not know that you can rent Hi Spot after hours for parties.  Well, my friend went to a party there last week and parking was hard to find so she tried to squeeze a Suburban into a parking spot on 35th and Union.  Bad choice – her car was partially blocking the sidewalk and she got a parking ticket at 7:50 PM on a weekday night.  I do not think parking enforcement is out at nearly 8 PM in Madrona, so someone must have called.  So I thought to myself “Would I have called?”  While I feel for my friend, I think the answer is “yes, I might have.”

When I go to work I park in a garage that I access through an alley.  The alley is shared with a large residential building.  I would say about 40% of the time, someone is blocking the alley.  Sometimes it is an window washer’s truck, sometime is the garbage truck, some times it is a delivery truck, and sometimes it is a guy reading a paper in his car.  It is never the same person, but it is a very common occurrence.  Most of the time I do not care, it is just life.  But sometimes I am late and I really do care.  So what if I lived on 35th and Union?  I think it would be the same thing.  Parking must spill over from the Madrona business district all the time.  So you or I might park on 35th once in a blue moon, if we lived near that corner I am sure it is an every day occurrence of someone trying to decide where to park.  I can just picture it now, a tentative driver looking for the best spot…wait is that a spot….frozen in the middle of the street with indecision.  So yes after a bad day of work, someone blocking the sidewalk might make me pick up the phone and call….  Oh well, maybe my friend’s $42 parking fine will help keep the libraries open next year.

Madrona-Sally Goldmark Library Closed This Week

Madrona LibraryDue to budget cuts all Seattle Public Libraries including Madrona’s Sally Goldmark Library is closed until September 6th.  Even many parts of the Seattle Public Library Website is down for upgrades.  Per the Seattle Library Website:

The Seattle Public Library system is closed Aug. 29 through Sept. 5

All Library locations are closed Monday, Aug. 29 through Sunday, Sept. 4 due to citywide budget cuts.

Please note: Monday, Sept. 5 is the Labor Day holiday and all libraries are closed. Regular Library operations will resume Tuesday, Sept. 6.

Movie Night at Madrona Playfield

Looking for a fun, summer event to bring your family to this weekend?  How about an outdoor movie this Sunday night at the Madrona Playfield?  The event, sponsored by the Business Owners of Madrona, is featuring Ghostbusters, the 1984 blockbuster hit.  The movie will begin at dusk and doors open at 7:00, so get there early to reserve your spot.  Attendees are encouraged to sit on blankets or on the grass so everyone, big and small, can see the screen.  If you come by, donations are welcome to help cover cost events.  Bring some snacks and join your fellow community members in a fun, family event.  See you there!

Block Party in Madrona Tonight

MadronaThere was a block party in Madrona tonight outside of Glassybaby on Union just east of 34th Avenue.  The block was cut off for traffic, there was a food truck, music and games.  It was a celebration for Teens in Public Service (TIPS) and their Alumni.  TIPS is an organization that pays teen to work in public service.  The picture was taken before the festivities started.

Madrona Craftsman Home Open Sunday 1-4 PM

Madrona Real EstateCome by this Sunday to see this charming Madrona craftsman set high above 34th Avenue across from Larkins Park.  Just one block from the heart of Madrona with easy access to unique restaurants and shops galore including Hi Spot, Naam, St. Clouds, etc., the home still has a sense of peace and privacy.  Beautiful landscaping surrounds the garage roof deck, diamond patterned, mullioned windows and tons of natural light in formal living and dining rooms. Bright kitchen with eating area, marble and subway tiled bath with double vanity, den/TV room, and tons of storage facilitates ease and comfort.

Status For Sale
List Price $489,000
Bed/Bath 3/1

Come by this Sunday to 1511 34th Avenue (between Pike and Pine) from 1 PM to 4 PM and see the house for yourself and to ask me about other Madrona real estate.

Lord of the Rings in Madrona

Madrona Tree SculptureBOOM and Madrona Community Council has been working with Cleanscape to add street art to the Madrona Business District.  As blogged earlier in the year, Cleanscape awarded Madrona along with several other neighborhoods an award for reducing our waste 19%.  Originally Cleanscape was to build a play area in the Arboretum but the logistics could not be negotiated with the city.  Thus, Madrona is set to get brass tree rings set flush with the sidewalk (think Seattle Broadway dance steps)  with a historic picture of the neighborhood inlaid into the rings.  In addition, there will be leaves cut into the cement between the rings.  Finally, there will be a bench made with the same theme at the northeast corner of 34th and Union.  Look for the addition to the Madrona Business District in the near future.

Fabulous Madrona Rental – Available

Madrona Real EstateThere is a new Seattle rental home located on one of my favorite streets in Madrona: Schubert Place.   Schubert Place is a hidden, one-block street up above Epiphany School.  All of the Madrona real estate on Schubert is great including this beautifully updated Colonial home that just came on the market listed by Ewing & Clark.   An open floor plan offers great entertaining spaces that spill outdoors with multiple decks and patios surrounded by lush gardens. Four bedrooms upstairs, chef’s kitchen, large private yard, ample storage and fantastic wine cellar.   Contact me if you have any questions: Kristine Losh.

Status Home for Rent
List Price $5,500
Bed/Bath 5/3.5

Done Watching Blue Angels? Head Over to Bottlehouse!

Bottlehouse SeattleLast minute notice, since it has already started but if you head over to Bottlehouse right now they have cider tasting from 2 PM to 6 PM today for $6.  Listen to jazz, enjoy the sun that is peeking through, and meet the cider makers for a tasting.  Madrona’s Bottlehouse will be featuring Alpenfire, EZ Orchards, Snowdrift, Finnriver, Tieton Cider Works.

Not About Madrona, But Do You Believe this is D.B. Cooper?

D.B. CooperI know this has nothing to do with Madrona but have you been following the news about this woman claiming her Uncle was D.B. Cooper?  If you do not know the story of D.B. Cooper he hijacked a plane in 1971 a man who bought a ticket under the name Dan Cooper for a flight from Portland to Seattle.  During the flight he demanded a parachute and $200,000 in cash.  When they got to Seattle they exchanged the other passengers for the two items (parachute & money) and the plane took off for Mexico.  30 minutes later the back hatch of the plane was opened and when the plane landed in Reno, Nevada to refuel, Dan Cooper was gone.  To this day, it is America’s only unsolved hijacking.  Now a woman with the last name of Cooper is claiming D.B. Cooper was her uncle.  My only question is: why would a man who planned to hijacked a plane that has baffled the FBI for four decades use his real last name in a time when no one checked for identification before you boarded a plane?  Of course, the Barefoot Bandit was a handful for the authorities to catch too so maybe it does make sense…or maybe they are related…

John Platt of Madrona’s St. Clouds Interviewed in Seattle Times

St CloudsThere was a great article about John Platt of Madrona’s St. Clouds in the Seattle Times today.  August 17th will be the 10 year anniversary of “Homeless Cooking Project” where St. Clouds kitchen is used to prepare meals for the homeless.  It all started in 2001 when Platt and Paul Butler came up with the idea to make a meal for the people staying at the tent city that was at St. Therese Catholic Church in Madrona.  That idea has continued and now on the third Wednesday of every month, volunteers help Platt make 450 meals for seven shelters throughout Seattle.  An idea he encourages other Seattle restaurants to emulate since most restaurants have kitchens that have down time (generally mornings) in which they can donate to the cause.

Click the link to read John Platt’s interview in the Seattle Times today.