Madrona’s Bottlehouse Closed This Weekend

Bottlehouse MadronaMadrona’s Bottlehouse is closed for a couple days for a “Fall Cleaning + Remodel Underway.”  Bottlehouse actually has been closed a couple days since Wednesday, September 26th and will be closed through Saturday, the 29th.  Check out Bottlehouse when they reopen and see what they have done.

Madrona Corner Lot Home For Sale: $639,000

This lovely Madrona must see corner lot home invites an abundance of natural light, which warms the home throughout. The home has newly refinished hardwoods  on the main floor, territorial views, and the bright kitchen has Marmoleum, with three bedrooms and 3 baths. The home has an easily maintainable yard, including a functional garden and entertainment area. The lower level of the house is completely finished with brand new carpeting, and is located a short distance to Madrona’s popular retail shopping district, and restaurants. The home is in close proximity to some of Madrona’s local favorites such as Pritty Boys Pizzeria, and Hi Spot Cafe, and Madrona Park on the waterfront. For more information about this listing, visit Ewing & Clark Inc.

Status: For Sale
Bed/Bath: 3/2.5
Price: $639,000

Three Reports of Shooting in Central District

It appears that crime has gone up in the Central Area this week, not too far from Madrona, with three separate shootings reported; two along the 2800 block of Cherry Street, and one near 26th & E. Yesler Way. According to the SPD Blotter, on Tuesday police had responded to three shootings, one near 26th & E. Yesler Way where a car was parked out front of a residential area with bullet holes through the windows, and blood on the seats. There were 5 bullet holes along the driver’s side, blood on the passenger’s seat, two shattered windows, and the car was missing a tire; but no one was inside the car, when found. Police were able to track some of the debris left by the car back to Colman Park, where according to 911 dispatch documents, 4-6 gunshots had been reported in the area. Officers tried to contact the car’s owner to investigate the incident, but the owner reported the car had been stolen on Sunday evening in South Seattle, around one hour before the shooting occurred.

Officers were able to get some information from a resident of the home the car was parked in front of, who after questioning admitted a woman he knew had knocked on his door, claiming she had been shot and chased by another driver. The man did not offer any information on the woman’s identity, and the car has since been impounded for investigation. At any rate, if you’re driving in or around the park, it might be smart to take extra precautions. For more information about the incident, and other crime in the area visit the SPD Blotter.

Body Found in Lake Washington, Near Mt.Baker Beach


Photo Courtesy of: Google Maps

Today the Seattle Police pulled a body from Lake Washington. Officers were called to the 2300 block of Lake Washington near Mt.Baker Beach, at about 6:40 this morning. Someone reported seeing what appeared to be a body about 100 yards off shore, said police spokesman Mark Jamieson.

Harbor Patrol officers retrieved the remains of the body and brought them to shore, where the body was turned over to the King County Medical Examiner’s Office. The medical examiner will identify the body and determine how they died. “It appears to have been in the lake for quite some time. It appears to be an adult female.”, Jamieson said.

There may be more details to come after the medical examination is done. To read this article visit the Seattle Times Blotter.

Rebuilding Together Seattle, Working In Leschi

Rebuilding Together Seattle brings volunteers and communities together to help low income homeowners live in warmth, safety, and independence. They serve low income homeowners who are elderly, disabled, families with children, and/or veterans in need, as well as non-profit facilities. The Young Professionals Society is sponsored and staffed by Rebuilding Together Seattle, and is a service organization of young professionals who support RTS and its mission through community outreach, fundraising, networking, and volunteering on an annual basis to ensure the growth and strength of RTS.

This weekend on September 15 Rebuilding Together Seattle and the Young Professionals Society are going to repair a home in Leschi for a 70 year old woman, Ardis. Ardis lives alone and has some troubles walking, so they will be making her house as safe as possible for her. This project is sponsored by The Swinerton Foundation, and they will be: building a handrail for her front steps, replacing the glass in the back door, a couple of small security and plumbing fixes, clearing out some clutter, completing yard work, and some miscellaneous painting and cleaning.

It’s great to see this kind of work being done here in our community! Thanks go out to Rebuiliding Together Seattle and the Young Professionals! For more information on seeking help, donations, or volunteer work visit their website.

St. Therese Makes Big Changes

According to an article in the Seattle Times, St. Therese Catholic School in the Madrona neighborhood has made great changes to their program. Up until two years ago, St. Therese found the number of students dwindling. Enrollment was down to about 90 students, just about 10 in each class. As expenses continued to grow, closure seemed to be the only option. Leaders of the school wasted no time and begun to make changes in order to draw more attendance. They worked very hard making numerous phone calls, hanging up fliers, and adding a Pre-Kindergarten class to the school. Most importantly St.Therese is attracting family with their emphasis on computer instruction. Students are spending 30%-50% of the day on laptops, where their progress can be tracked. Because of the many changes they made, their attendance has nearly doubled to 173 students.

Photo Courtesy of: St.Therese School

With $433,000 in grants to date, $300,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, St. Therese is the second Catholic school in the nation that practices a blended-learning model, computer-based learned as well as traditional classroom style learning. Similar efforts are being put underway at Holy Rosary in Tacoma, where they are also hoping to adopt a Spanish-speaking program to attract more Catholic Latino families.

With the help the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, St. Therese has 190 laptops which is enough for each student in grades 4-8, and one for every 2 students in K-3. These laptops replaced 25 computers that were outdated, now students can feel proud of what they are using and accomplishing.

Guesthouse Moves to Madison Park

Madrona’s lovely decor studio Guesthouse has opened a new pop up store front in  the Madison Park neighborhood, right next to Ewing & Clark Real Estate and the Bank of America. Guesthouse is run by shopkeeper Kate Link, who is well noted for the shop’s custom upholstered seating, fine antiques, and gifts. Driftwood, that great little boutique consignment and art gallery which used to be across the street from Guesthouse in the teal building, has moved into the space that Guesthouse used to occupy in Madrona, and is settling into the space quite nicely.

Once we did a little research, turns out the shop might stick around in Madison Park, rather than find another space in Madrona; According to Curbed Seattle, the new Guesthouse pop up shop is going to become a permanent one, and the new flagship space. We wanted to find out for ourselves what the deal was so we popped into the new store, and found out that Guesthouse will in fact be staying in Madison Park until their lease is up in December, and then it’s still up in the air where they will reside from there. Whatever the case, the shop seems to be doing well in the Madison Park neighborhood, and if you haven’t been over to the new location, it might be worth a trip to check out their new decor.

Join Standing in the Gap Seattle

There will be a peace march and rally that take place on September 8, 2012.

Standing In The Gap Seattle is a grassroots organization put together to share the love of God to bring change and healing to communities effected by gang, drug, and gun violence.

The marches will start at 11AM.

March A: Starts at Powell Barnett Park On MLK & Alder Street. It will move south to MLK Memorial Park on MLK & S. Walker. A total of 2 miles.

March B: Starts at Rainier Ave S & Alaska Way and will head north on Rainier Ave to MLK Way and meet at MLK Memorial Park on MLK & S. Walker. A total of 2 miles.

The rally will begin at noon at MLK Memorial Park.

Music will be provided by 206 Zulu Nation. There will be 3 keynote speakers.

  • Pastor Ray Rogers- Founder and Pastor of Rose Prayer Christian Ministries
  • Darryl Smith- Deputy Mayor of Community
  • Office of Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn

So please come together for peace!