Seattle Weekly Names Bottlehouse as #6 Wine Bar in Seattle

Where are the top wine bars in Seattle, and what qualities does one find in the classiest of wine bars? Seattle Weekly has put together a top 10 list of the best of the best; hot spots  around the sound that are definitely not pretentious, stuffy, or boring by any means. Guess which Madrona haunt was name #6? That’s right; our favored Bottlehouse has made the cut due to it’s comfortable, drink a nice glass or two in your own living room kind of appeal. The wine poured from downstairs neighbor Wilridge winery are a regular’s delight, and the rotating list is sure to have something to please every palate.

Seattle Weekly mentioned the deck seating as a lovely feature, weather permitting, and the perks of having the retail shop connected if you taste something you really need to take home with you are leverage enough to land Bottlehouse in the number 6 slot. Check out the other sleek wine spots on the list at

Seattle Magazine Dubs Hitchcock Madrona Best Jewelry Boutique

Some family secrets are not meant to be kept in the family; and we’re glad that cousins Erica Nelson and Dustin Nelson shared their expertise for fine jewelry with the Madrona community in their one of a kind storefront, Hitchcock Madrona. We’re not the only ones who have noticed their tailored craftsmanship; Seattle Magazine has named the local jeweler Seattle’s best jewelry boutique! The store carries Lulu Frost’s line of room-number pendants, made of casts from the original room numbers at the NYC Plaza Hotel, funky bracelets and rings, cashmere wraps, and an array of Pamela Love’s intricate necklaces.

The magazine also named original Madrona shop Guesthouse the best housewares shop, which has since moved to Madison Park after their huge success with a pop-up store this summer.


Update on Madrona Metro Bus Stop

Metro BusIf you have an opinion on the Madrona Metro Bus Stop across from Madrona School, you now have more time.  Metro has postponed any decisions until February 15th.  This is the information coming from King County who runs Metro:

I just spoke with the transportation planner in Metro’s route facilities group who is assigned to this project. She just let me know that the work is postponed for now. A new rider alert will go up today that allows for public comment on the decision-making until Feb. 15. The decision would be to either move forward removing the stop and shelter, keep the stop but remove the shelter, or keep the stop and refurbish the shelter. Apparently there have been many complaints from neighbors over the years about illegal and noisy activity going on in the shelter at the stop, including requests for the stop to be moved. For now, you have at least until the 15th to get your comments in about what you would like to see happen with the stop. You can direct comments to Metro’s customer service at 553-3000 or

Central District Key Bank to Close

Key Bank

Courtesy of King County

One of the closest banks to our Madrona neighborhood, the Key Bank Central District Branch located on 23rd and Union is scheduled to close April 12th of this year.  Employees of the Central District Branch are being transferred to other Key Banks in the Seattle area.  If you opened your bank account at that branch, your account will be transferred to the Key Bank on Capitol Hill on 15th Avenue.  If you have a safety deposit box there, you can wait for instructions or contact the bank to make arrangements (contact information on first link above).

Search here to find other Key Bank close to Madrona.

The report is that the location will not be vacant for long.  Capitol Hill Housing will be redeveloping the lot and building affordable housing with offices on the main floor.

Metro to Remove Bus Stop by Madrona School Unless You Speak Up

Metro BusThe Metro #2 bus shelter/stop across from Madrona k-8 on the north side of Union between 32nd and 33rd is slated for removal. The shelter will be removed this Sunday, and the stop will be removed altogether in February. If you’re familiar with the route, you likely already know that it is used a lot by Madrona residents and local students. To my knowledge, the only notice the community and school have received about the closure is the rider alert that was posted on the bus shelter walls earlier this week.

Madrona School’s Principal Thaxton, staff and students use this bus stop; therefore the school obviously does not support its removal. This bus stop is protected from the weather, is directly adjacent to the crosswalk (where a crossing guard is posted and helps students/neighbors cross safely), is within sight of the school (safety for our kids/other riders) and is on flat ground.

A member of the Madrona Community Council has already called KC Metro and filed a comment/complaint–the reason behind the removal is “to improve the speed and reliability of the route.”  I am not sure where the best place to submit your complaint, but here is a link to a comment section on Metro Bus Shelters or you can find Metro’s phone number and other contact information here.

Updates on the Madrona Corridor Plan and 34th Ave Sidewalk Repair

At the Madrona Community Council meeting last week, the SDOT presented an overview draft of scope work to address various conflicts with trees and sidewalks in the community. The ultimate goal for the SDOT will be to develop a “toolkit” of options to address these issues, using case studies such as the 34th Avenue  East corridor in Madrona as an example to illustrate what applications can be installed. The goal is to create a safe, inviting walkway environment, while growing and maintaining a healthy urban forest and preserving the existing areas. tree

Work will be completed in 2013, with repairs to sidewalks damaged by street trees, and implementing tree removal where necessary. They will be planting new trees where needed, and researching and implementing long terms solutions to the issues at hand. If you’d like to review the Draft Scope of Work for the project, any comments for suggested changes will be accepted now through February 7th and can be viewed here.