Madrona Featured Author: Tara Conklin

Tara Conklin is a local author/lawyer living in the Madrona neighborhood with her family, and her latest novel the House Girl has received a 3.92 rating through Amazon readers. Before Tara decided to focus on her fiction writing, she was a litigator in New York and London offices of a corporate law firm, dealt cards at a Casino in Costa Rica, and taught English at a school in Madrid. I’m sure through her travels and differing professional roles in life she will have an extensive pool of life experiences to develop future stories! House-Girl

The House Girl is set in Virginia, in 1852 and tells a tale of a seventeen year old slave girl by the name of Josephine Bell, who after many years working as a nurse and slave to her sick mistress, an aspiring artist at a failing tobacco farm, decides to run. Fast forward to 2004, where Lina Sparrow, an uber ambitious first year law associate is given a highly sensitive case that could make her career take off. Lina must find the perfect plaintiff for a monumental class action suit worth trillions of dollars for descendants of American slaves. Through her father Lina untangles the story of Josephine Bell and a controversy stirring around the art world: are the iconic paintings long thought to be from Lu Anne Bell really the work of her house slave, Josephine? You be the one to find out! If you have read any of Tara Conklin’s writing, we welcome your feedback.

New Bakery Open on 29th and Cherry Street

If you’re one of many in the neighborhood who have kept your eye on this storefront in the corner pocket of Madrona, you’ll be pleased to hear that a new bakery has opened up on at 2908 E. Cherry Street! The Golden Wheat Bakery is now open in the space previously occupied by King’s Creole BBQ.  Madrona Bakery

The bakery is now open from 7-7 everyday for the time being, and they offer patrons a variety of espresso drinks, and a wide selection of cakes and pastries for you to indulge. In the future they might also add a savory selection of items such as sandwiches, and breads to their menu. If you’ve already stopped by the bakery, please drop us a note and let us know your thoughts!

Madrona Community Council March Meeting & Madrona K-8

Madrona Community CouncilThe Madrona Community Council will be attending an important Madrona
K-8 school meeting on Tuesday, March 5, and will not be holding its usually
scheduled meeting that evening.

As discussed on our earlier Madrona Blog, all community members are welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting at Madrona K-8. Seattle School Board members, District representatives, community partners, parents, teachers, and staff will be discussing enrollment, funding, and capacity issues in the central region.

The meeting agenda and details are below.

Madrona K-8 community: please join us for an important meeting with School
District representatives!

Who: The PTSA is hosting a meeting with: Kay Smith Blum, Seattle School Board President; Phil Brockman, Executive Director of K-12 Operations; Nancy Coogan, Executive Director of School’s in the Central Region.

What: A meeting to discuss Madrona K-8’s future: enrollment,
capacity, services & potential changes

When: Tuesday, March 5, 6:30PM

Where: Madrona K-8 School Library (Map – Enter from 33rd)

Why: Madrona needs the district’s support to increase enrollment and to
support its students. The district also needs to look at all schools in the
central area when looking at capacity issues.

Third Annual Financial Fitness Day

Seattle Public SchoolsIf you are interested, Madrona residents should not miss the Third Annual Financial Fitness Day, Saturday, March 9th, 10am to 3pm at the Rainier Community Center. Free money management services to all Seattle area residents.  You’ll be able to get help filing their tax returns, printing free credit reports and reviewing them, opening bank accounts, creating household budgets, developing plans to get out of debt, understanding options to foreclosure, applying for benefits, such as child care, food stamps, utility assistance, student loan assistance, and veterans’ benefits, learning to write a resume or apply for a job online, starting or growing a business, planning for retirements, getting legal advice on consumer rights and bankruptcy, and shredding confidential documents.

Free workshops throughout the day will cover credit reports; homeownership; dealing with debt collectors; money management, job readiness and employment resources; planning for retirement.

All services are free, so don’t miss out. This event is co-sponsored in part by the Seattle King County Asset Building Collaborative, City of Seattle, United Way of King County, and Seattle Parks and Recreation.

That’s the FREE Financial Fitness Day, Saturday, March 9th, 10am to 3pm at the Rainier Community Center in Seattle.

For more info or to register, click