Well-Known Restaurateur Moving into Old Restaurant Bea Location

We are hearing from reliable sources that Madrona will soon have a well-known Seattle restaurateur moving into the space that Restaurant Bea last occupied.  We are not giving up the information yet since it has not been confirmed, but expect a … Continue reading

Oh no, Madrona’s Restaurant Bea Closes!

Sad news, Restaurant Bea has closed their doors just as June and Cremant did before.  Unfortunately, that Madrona restaurant location seems to be cursed.  We will miss Restautant Bea’s open kitchen, their chef’s table, good food, and creative bartenders.  Restaurant … Continue reading

Chef’s Table at Restaurant Bea

We are big fans of Restaurant Bea and have written about the Madrona restaurant many times, but we are not the only one that enjoys the Seattle restaurant.  Seattle Weekly, Seattle Times, typical restaurant websites such as Yelp, and even … Continue reading

Seattle Met Reviews Restaurant Bea’s New Chef

As of two weeks ago, when Restaurant Bea‘s favored chef Tom Black of the Barking Frog, and 35th Street Bistro in Fremont was replaced with a lesser known chef, there has been some discrepancies in the quality of food, according … Continue reading

Nice Review of Madrona’s Restaurant Bea in Seattle Times

There was a nice review of Madrona’s Restaurant Bea in the Seattle Times recently.  The article, Restaurant Bea in Madrona: Down-home and sophisticated cooking served side by side, was written by Providence Cicero who has reviewed hundreds of Seattle restaurants for … Continue reading

Madrona’s Restaurant Bea to Open March 30th

The newest addition to the Madrona Business District, Restaurant Bea, is set to open Friday, March 30th.  Restaurant Bea is located in the space formerly occupied by June.  To read more about Restaurant Bea, click the link to my previous … Continue reading

Madrona Restaurant Bea

Madrona Restaurant Bea, a photo by EANDCSH on Flickr. Photo of Tom Black and Kate Perry in front of their new restaurant, Bea Restaurant, in the heart of the Madrona Business Distrtict. Photo by Julien Perry a regular contributor to … Continue reading

Restaurant Bea To Call Madrona Home

Good friends Kate Perry and Tom Black are opening their new restaurant, Restaurant Bea, in Madrona. Taking over the space once occupied by Cremant and later June, Kate and Tom are excited to make Bea a mainstay in Madrona. Not … Continue reading

Madrona Bea Restaurant Update

I noticed this update the other day about Madrona’s new restaurant Bea.  The update says that Bea, while not on a strict schedule, is planning to open in mid February. I recently had the pleasure of meeting with Tom Black … Continue reading

Seattle Restaurant Week Spring 2016

Restaurant week is back for its spring 2016 run with over 165 Seattle eateries plating $30.00 three-course dinners.  This year these local Madrona – Madison Park restaurants are participating: Beach House Bar + Grill– Madison Beach 1927 43rd Ave. East … Continue reading