Major Car Crash in Madrona Last Night

MadronaAnyone driving by the Madrona Business District last night saw the Seattle Police block off the westbound lane of 34th Avenue as they cleared a three car accident.  One person was taken to the hospital for what was believed to be minor injuries, but it could have been a lot worse.  From what I could gather, a car traveling westbound on Pike Street failed to yield to oncoming traffic when they tried to cross 34th Avenue.  When they did a car driving along 34th Avenue hit them which caused them to slam into the back of a parked Subaru station wagon.  The parked station wagon had its back tailgate open because minutes prior to the crash the new commercial tenants at Pike Station had unloaded a table from the back of the Subaru.  The new tenants would have been seriously injured if the accident had happened just minutes earlier.  The tenants, a travel website for outdoor adventures, got a memorable “welcome” to Madrona but thankfully it came without injury.

Leschi & Madrona Park Bathrooms Destroyed by Fireworks

MadronaSeattle Police are asking for help to find the vandals that caused thousands of dollars of damages to public bathrooms in Madrona Park and Leschi Park.  On the 4th of July, vandals used fireworks to blow up toilets at both park locations.  (See video of news story).  Other damage was also done.  For example at Madrona Park, the dumpster had fire damage including having the plastic lid completely melted away.

Seattle Parks normally lock all bathrooms during the Independence Day, but decided to leave them open this year since parks have heavy use during the holiday.  Hopefully, a few vandals will not change this new policy for the future.  Click the link to Komo News to read more about the destruction at Madrona Park and Leschi Park.

Madrona Families Beware: Kidnap Warning

sirenThere was several postings on Madrona Moms about a suspicious man parked near Epiphany School the other day.  The description was as follows:

My husband and I were playing with our 3 year old near the preschool play area and the main play area near the gym. We noticed a man pull up and stop near the preschool area and park. He sat there and seemed to be watching us. After about 10 minutes he drove away but we then saw him pull up on the other side of the road (Denny) and park. Again he was looking our direction.

The second time we were near the main play area near the gym. He was parked outside of the parking lot on the street (Denny).

This happened in the evening and both times he was parked far enough away from us that we could not see his license plate. I can only say he appeared to be Caucasian?, maybe 40’s, wearing sunglasses, silver vehicle.

This incident as well as a rash of others around Seattle caused Epiphany as well as other local Madrona area schools to warn parents to be on the lookout.

Here are links to more details on the Queen Anne kidnap attempt,  White Center kidnap attempt, and the kidnap attempt I believed to be the kidnap attempt “near Seattle Center.”

Madrona Makes the News for Odd Vandalism

Top RamenHave you ever made Top Ramen and while the water is boiling crack an egg and drop it in with the noodles?  If not, you should try it or another ramen recipe, but I would not advise trying to do it in your hot tub.  Who knows what these vandals were thinking, but whoever they were left quite a mess for one of our Madrona neighbors.  According to Komo News, someone egged a Madrona residence’s car and then proceeded to put a dozen eggs in their hot tub.  The home located near 36th and Pike have a lot to clean up, hopefully this is a one time incident for them and the neighborhood.

Nena’s Gift Shop Literally Broken Into

Seattle PoliceSome startling news; another Madrona Business was literally broken into this weekend. Nena’s Gift Shop next to Verité on 34th Avenue near Spring Street was burglarized on Saturday night. From what information I was able to gather, it seems that only $40 was stolen from the cash register, however the damage sustained to the glass front door is estimated to be about $800. This incident however, reminds me of the slew of break-ins and burglaries that hit the Madrona neighborhood in September of 2011, where Kismet Salon and Juniper located near the tennis courts at the Madrona Playground were burglarized of nearly $45,000 worth of high end clothing, jewelry and cosmetics. Just a few days afterward, Glassyaby’s offices on 34th Avenue were broken into along with several other offices where electronics such as computers and other items of value were stolen.  Hopefully, this is not the beginning of another rash of break-ins.

Grinch Has Stole Christmas; Madrona Can You Help?

Seattle PoliceBah, Humbug!  Seriously, this is stupid.  Stealing is never right, but stealing donations to YWCA for needy families is low.  You can read the details on Central District News, Madrona Moms, and even hear about it on the radio.  But someone or somebodies stole about $6,200 of toys from the local YWCA and now YWCA is scrambling to replace the toys by Thursday.  Any donations from local Madrona residents is appreciate.

Here are the details from Central District News:

A grinch made off with thousands of dollars worth of toys, set to be donated to needy children, in a Central District burglary earlier this month.

Staff at the Central District YWCA put approximately $6200 worth of radio controlled cars, basketballs, and other toys in to storage at a building on 28th and E. Cherry Street on December 3rd.

This morning, they discovered all the toys had gone missing, and called police.

It’s not clear when the toys were taken, as a staff member noticed the storage door was open on December 7th, but didn’t think anything of it at the time.

The case will be turned over to the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct burglary unit for investigation.

If you want to help:

We are looking to replace 300 toys in the next three days: all interests and ages, for boys and girls, up to age 18. Gifts of new, unwrapped toys can be dropped off at the East Cherry branch of our YWCA, at 2820 E. Cherry St. Questions should be directed to Nichelle Hilton at 206.412.1605.

Update on School Zone Speed Cameras

Earlier this week we blogged about the new School-Zone Speed Cameras. According to the Seattle Times, there were over 6,000 speeders since November 1st when the cameras went live. Mayor Mike McGinn was surprised by these numbers. Because there were so many speeders, the warning-citation period that was supposed to end THIS WEEK, has now been extended to Monday, December 10. From that day forward any vehicle caught driving faster than 20 MPH in those school zones when lights are flashing, they will expect to receive a $189 ticket in the mail!According to the Seattle Times and McGinn, if drivers continue to exceed the speed limit in the numbers they did in November, the city could expect to collect between $2-4 million in ticket revenue each year! Although McGinn said, “Our goal is not to write tickets, it’s to reduce speed.”

So drivers, SLOW DOWN! Any day after Monday December 10th, if caught speeding in those school zones, you WILL be ticketed!

For more information and to read the full article from the Seattle Times, visit their website!

Central District Arrest Causing Controversy

Seattle PoliceI was driving in the car today and heard of a controversial arrest made by the Seattle Police on October 6th. Little did I know it happened on 23rd and Union near the liquor store parking lot in the Seattle Central District. Check out the video on Central District News and see for yourself what you think of the arrest. The video is long but if you start at the 4 minute mark you see the suspect refusing to answer the polices’ questions.  The police then tell him to put his hands behind his back and then the incident happens.

Coyote Sighting in Madrona

Seattle CoyoteI wrote last week on Madrona Moms about a coyote I saw crossing Lake Washington Boulevard at 32nd Avenue up by the fire station.  I was heading down 32nd Avenue towards Madrona when I saw the coyote.  I called animal control and they told me no one comes to capture or move wild animals of this nature.  They did tell me that coyotes are very fearful of humans and will avoid us, but they do look for an easy food source so be sure to keep your cats inside.

Since my post on Madrona Moms, several other Madrona residents have detailed seeing coyotes in the area: on Madrona Drive, near James and 35th Avenue, 26th and East John, etc.  One person even posted a map of coyote sightings in the Seattle area.

UPDATE:  The comments on Madrona Moms keep coming about the coyote sightings with concerns of safety, etc.  Here is a link to PAWS that talks more about coyotes with a lot of good information about their habits, what they eat, how to protect your animals, etc.

Slow Down or Pay $189

Seattle Schools

Photo Courtesy of Seattle Times

If you missed the article in the Seattle Times the other day, pay attention because it could cost you $189.  The City of Seattle is adding new cameras to snap pictures of school-zone speeders near four schools. The cameras, at least for the time being, will only be used to catch speeders when the school-zone beacons are flashing for motorist to slow to 20 MPH.  If they catch you, the ticket will automatically be mailed to the register owner of the car.

While there are cameras by four Seattle schools, the only one close to Madrona, Leschi, and Mt. Baker is Thurgood Marshall Elementary located in Judkins.  Thurgood Marshall is just off of Martin Luther King Jr. Way as it goes over the I-90 tunnel so anyone driving along Martin Luther King Jr. Way in that area during school hours better slow down or smile because you’re on Candid Camera.