Coming Soon to Madrona: Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria

I have been peaking through the windows for some time now; ever since Dulces closed it doors.  I first wrote about the Madrona scuttlebutt about Dulces’s closure and the new pizza place back in early January.   It looks like the new Madrona pizza restaurant is finally going to open some time soon.  The rooms are painted red, the booths are in place, and flat screen televisions are hung.  Even the application for the liquor license is dated 3/30/11 and has a handwritten note “post for 14 days” which makes me think opening night is not too far from the middle of April.

The rumor has been all along that the new Madrona restaurant will be kid friendly with a space for children to play.  When looking in the windows I did see a box of toys which seems to backup this assertion.  And then there is the name on the liquor license: Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria.  The name indicates it is a “family” friendly pizzeria, and the application in itself indicates the restaurant is parent friendly too.

When I first heard the name “Pretty Boys Pizza” I was not a big fan of the name even though I heard it was named after the owner’s three sons.  But now I see the name, “Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria”, it makes more sense with the owner, Darren Pritt, playing off their family name.  But whether I like the name or not, it does not really matter as long as the atmosphere is fun, the pizza is good, and the price is reasonable.  I am looking forward to finding out.

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