Give Your Feedback On The Dorffel Drive Traffic Study

DorffelBy now many neighbors in the Denny-Blaine, Washington Park, Madison Park, and Madrona areas are aware of the six-week traffic study that was conducted by the Seattle Department of Transportation on Dorffel Drive, which closed the eastbound lanes at the intersection of Lake Washington Boulevard East and 37th Avenue East. In response to concerns from Bush School students and parents, who identified the intersection as being a dangerous one for pedestrians and bicycles, and from Dorffel Drive residents who have seen increased traffic on the street, SDOT agreed to implement the temporary lane closure to test whether it would cut down on through traffic.

The study wrapped up on October 6, and so far response from neighbors has not been positive, citing decreased access to other parts of the neighborhood, and a confusing and dangerous situation for drivers who were not expecting the road blockage. Give SDOT your feedback on this issue by filling out this online form, or by commenting directly on SDOT’s Facebook page.

3 thoughts on “Give Your Feedback On The Dorffel Drive Traffic Study

  1. Conclude the study, and return the road to it’s normal unobstructed state. I’ve driven these roads for more than 20 years, and it’s no busier or more dangerous than any other year, from my humble perspective. The re-routing feels more dangerous given the convoluted series of turns now required to navigate the previously smooth transition between Lake Washington Blvd and Dorffel intersection. It’s important to note, the city has already made changes over the years throughout the neighborhood to slow traffic at dangerous corners and intersecting roadways. However, the current “study” is nothing more than an unnecessary nuisance to drivers or an attempt by some to hive off their neighborhood in an attempt to create a more private less trafficked enclave. If everyone were to do this, Seattle’s roadways and neighborhood would be even more constricted. If you buy a home on or adjacent to McGilvra, 38th, Lake Washington Blvd, 34th, 32nd, MLK, or 23rd… …then you will have more traffic. It’s a fact of life. These are the natural north/south pathways between Madison St. and the Washington Park, Madrona, Central District, Leschi, and Mt. baker neighborhoods. In fact, if you go back even further, these are the only natural ways for people to access the Madison corridor, 520 on/off-ramps, Montlake and University of Washington neighborhoods. Dorffel already has tow speed reduction features — one at the corner 50 yards in from Lake Washington, and another at the 5-way intersection of Dorffel, John, and Maiden Lane. Any further reduction or re-routing of the natural flow of traffic through the neighborhood surface streets will only add to the traffic and congestion of other roadways… …and increase requests from individuals on those streets to implement additional restrictions to “minimize the newly increased traffic flows”. This seems like a classic “NIMBY” case where a handful of residents are seeking to make Dorffel their private neighborhood lane, without taking in to consideration the impact on the broader driving public or acknowledging their decision to live on along or near a regularly trafficked roadway.

  2. I wholly agree with Tyler’s comments. The intersection as revised for the study is very dangerous. I hope that any permanent changes consider the needs of everyone in the neighborhood and that any proposals are made public before implementation.

  3. I have lived in the Mardrona/ Denny Blaine neighborhood for 25 years and have driven the section of Dorffel Dr. under consideration on a daily basis. It is the route from my home to my office, from my home to 520, and from my home to UW. Any closure or restriction along this road would be a major daily hassle for me. Since there already exists 2 road features which slow traffic within one block block of one another, I would be very attuned to any significant increase in traffic along this route of the last 25 years. I have not experienced it. I do feel that this project was motivated by a few homeowners who dislike any traffic passing by their homes (who doesn’t) and see the potential in increased home values if they could restrict the area even further than it already is.
    Please contact the residents in this entire area before acting on this petition by ‘the few’.

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