Metro to Remove Bus Stop by Madrona School Unless You Speak Up

Metro BusThe Metro #2 bus shelter/stop across from Madrona k-8 on the north side of Union between 32nd and 33rd is slated for removal. The shelter will be removed this Sunday, and the stop will be removed altogether in February. If you’re familiar with the route, you likely already know that it is used a lot by Madrona residents and local students. To my knowledge, the only notice the community and school have received about the closure is the rider alert that was posted on the bus shelter walls earlier this week.

Madrona School’s Principal Thaxton, staff and students use this bus stop; therefore the school obviously does not support its removal. This bus stop is protected from the weather, is directly adjacent to the crosswalk (where a crossing guard is posted and helps students/neighbors cross safely), is within sight of the school (safety for our kids/other riders) and is on flat ground.

A member of the Madrona Community Council has already called KC Metro and filed a comment/complaint–the reason behind the removal is “to improve the speed and reliability of the route.”  I am not sure where the best place to submit your complaint, but here is a link to a comment section on Metro Bus Shelters or you can find Metro’s phone number and other contact information here.