Madrona Restaurants: Naam and their predecessor Coupage

Naam Thai SeattleNaam is a great Thai restaurant in Madrona just a couple doors north of 34th and Union (obviously in Seattle).  From all accounts (they have terrific scores on popular restaurant feedback websites) they have excellent Thai food and you can either order as a sit down restaurant or call previously and get it to go.  One complaint I had when they first opened was the service was slow but in my experience that has greatly improved since then.  If you feel like Thai food, then I would not hesitate to recommend Naam, but if you are in a hurry then order it to go just to be safe.  Otherwise enjoy all Madrona has to offer by eating at the restaurant, it has a cool atmosphere (older building, yet nice and clean) and you can order a drink from their full bar.

Another verification of Naam’s quality is their ability to survive.  Before Naam there was a handful of Madrona restaurants in that space: one of which was Coupage.  The only reason I bring up Coupage is because I came across an article about its previous chef and owner: Tom Hurley.  The article caught my attention because the headline and description spoke of a Portland firefighter and Seattle restaurateur.   I liked Coupage, so I knew a little of the background, but not as much as the article revealed.  Click the link on Tom Hurley’s name.  It is an interesting article about disability benefits, opening and closing restaurants, and lawsuits.  In the end, Mr. Hurley is now back working for the Portland Fire Bureau 17 years after he left – this time in a different capacity.

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