Nextdoor Madrona

Nextdoor MadronaA new network of neighborhood websites is popping up and Madrona has their own local version of it: Nextdoor Madrona.  I recently joined and have not had a lot of time to spend on it, but basically the website reminds me of Madrona Moms.  The Seattle Times described Nextdoor Madrona as:

Called Nextdoor, it’s a new platform for creating neighborhood Web sites that function as bulletin boards, newsletters and notification systems. Neighborhoods can use Nextdoor sites – which it calls “private social networks” – to do things like post items for sale, look for a babysitter and organize events.

With such a strong presence of Madrona Moms and other Madrona websites, I do not know how well Nextdoor Madrona will take off, but I am willing to give it a try and I am sure others will too.