Own a Madrona Restaurant!

Restaurant BeaWe are finally getting over the disappointment of Restaurant Bea’s closure, and started to pay more attention to the sign in the window.  We found the business-for-sale listing, and it turns out you can have your own Madrona restaurant for $50,000.  One could be discouraged by the closures of the previous restaurants in that space (June, Cremant, and Restaurant Bea) but just down the street Naam has survived after many Madrona restaurants had failed before (Coupage, Plenty, Supreme, Drey’s and Sapphire).  In fact even The Stranger questioned whether Naam could make it after so many failures before, yet years later Naam is still serving the Madrona neighborhood great Thai food.  So if you are looking to open the next Madrona restaurant contact a local broker to purchase the business and let us know when you will be opening.

4 thoughts on “Own a Madrona Restaurant!

  1. So a friend of mine just moved into the area and has been pestering me to open a restaurant in that location. I am wondering what the neighborhood is lacking. What kind of food would you like to see their? Thanks for any replies.

    • My husband and I have been saying for years that that the neighborhood needs good mexican (we still are mourning the loss of Villa Victoria). Please, will someone open (an affordable, family friendly) mexican restaurant?!!!

  2. Madrona is great for fun, approachable restaurants. The bar space in that building is very convivial and perfect for gathering, and it’s neat to have it with the openness of the front part of the restaurant. I have a lot of friends in the neighborhood who have also enjoyed using the small dining room in the back for private parties.

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