Film Comes To Life In “Film Is Dead” Exhibit

In the midst of the digital age, many are astounded that film still even exists. Everyone has digital film and video capabilities, and film Is very expensive, so, why bother right?

While that may have been what you thought once upon a time, your mind will be forever changed once you see the brilliant art made on and with film by artist Jennifer West at her Seattle Art Museum installation “Film Is Dead”.

In this revolutionarily inventive show, West uses 70mm, 35mm and 16mm analog film strips to create beautiful and visually compelling works of art. She treats the film with common household items including food coloring, nail polish, coffee, vinegar, bleach and more to create patterns and unplanned but stunning effects by eroding the films emulsion, staining it and letting the film take one whatever characters it might.

West’s SAM exhibit features film strips and remnants that have been treated and manipulated by the artist in this way, hung from the ceiling, and spanning almost the entire length of the gallery.

In addition to the physical installation at SAM, West has taken many of these works and digitized them to create a film that explores the differences and relationship between the analog and digital qualities of the film medium, creating another layer to this thought provoking artistic experiment.

Jennifer West is a Los Angeles based artist with some history in the Seattle. West received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Evergreen State College in Olympia before returning to her home state of California to earn her Masters in Fine Arts from ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena.

West’s works have been displayed in various solo and group exhibitions across the country and the world including Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Lisa Cooley Gallery, New York, NY, Yuz Museum, Shanghai, China, Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Portland Institute for Contemporary Art, Portland, OR and many more.

Her love affair with film dates back more than ten years and she boasts a very interesting and varied portfolio of works including photographic and video works using different and rare types of film and film techniques, light play, performance and her unique film quilts and magic lantern works. West’s style and aesthetic are likely different from any you’ve seen before, exploring and challenging the differences between modern digital photographic art and classic analog film techniques. Her style simultaneously evokes nostalgic feelings and encapsulates a modern and almost futuristic aesthetic, and over all seems to challenge films obsoleteness and the digital waves supremacy.

If you share a love of visual arts, interesting techniques, the fusion of arts and science or simply subscribe to the thought that everything old is new again, “Film Is Dead” is a show worth seeing, if for no other reason than to see something beautiful before it’s gone.






Exhibit on display through SUN MAY 7 2017



Agenda for Mayfair on May 17 and 18

mayfairOn May 17 you can stop by the Madrona Playfield Shelterhouse from 4:00-5:00pm for Trike/Bike/Scooter Decorating.

On May 18, the festivities began at 8:00am with a Pancake Breakfast at Madrona K-8 School. The Parade line up begins at 9:15am at Larkins Park. Many activities and events are available at 9:30am such as pony rides, face painting, bouncy house, break dancing instruction and build your own bird house. Charles the Clown will perform at 10:00am in the Shelterhouse Lawn and the Reptile Man will perform directly after Charles at 10:30am. Recess Monkeys will perform live in the Playfield at 12:00pm. Admission to the show is free!

Many Madrona restaurants and organizations will be their time and labor to sell delicious food and treats . All profits are donated to the MCC to help support Mayfair activities. Some of the participating restaurants include Restaurant Bea, Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria and St. Clouds. Hi Spot Cafe, Trophy Cupcakes as well as Cupcake Royale are just a few of those who are donating their treats to be sold at the bake sale.

A few of the sponsors that donated $500 or more towards making the activities possible are Art Aloft, Ewing & Clark, Inc., Law Contractor and Madrona Dining and Sipping Society.