Central District’s Beehive Bakery Closes

Beehive BakerySeattle Central District’s Beehive Bakery on 23rd and Union closed recently.  There is a good article about the closing on Central District News but the long story short is while the corner gets a lot of car traffic it does not get a lot of foot traffic and the Beehive Bakery was not getting the number of customers it needed to stay open.  The original plan was to have a drive-through window to take advantage of the car traffic, but the current Seattle city rules did not allow it.

It does not sound like Beehive had a long term lease, since the building owner wants to redevelop the lot, so that may have lead to the decision to close only after being open since August.

The Central District real estate is available lease for $30 per year per square foot.  See the link for the listing details.