Big News: Suspect Arrested for Justin Ferrari’s Death

policeman-cartoonA 20-year-old man was arrested in Federal Way for his alleged role in the murder of Justin Ferrari.  Ferrari lost his life when he was caught in the crossfire when driving through the intersection of MLK Jr. Way and Cherry with his parents and two kids.

According to the Seattle Times the suspect was wearing distinctive jacket and clothes that helped identify him.  Stay tuned to the news; I am sure more information will be coming out in the coming weeks.

Seattle Times Article on Madrona Man who was Murdered

The Seattle Times wrote an article on Justin Ferrari, the Madrona man, who was tragically murdered from a stray bullet as he was driving along Cherry Street with his kids and parents in their Volkswagen van.  The article describes the events leading up to the shooting as well as details of Justin Ferrari’s life including his life as father, husband, his career, and his contribution to the arts and as a coach. So very sad, the entire Madrona community’s thoughts go out to Justin’s family.

Fatal Shooting on Cherry

policeman-cartoonWhat a tragedy.  Yesterday just after 4:30 PM, a Madrona man was innocently driving his parents, who had just flown into Seattle, and his two kids (7 and 4) out of town for the Memorial Weekend when they got caught in the crossfire of gun shots across Cherry Street.  The Madrona man, in his 40’s, was fatally shot as he drove his white Volkswagen Van westbound on Cherry just past Marin Luther King Jr Way.  No one else in the car was physically injured.  Two to three suspects were said to flee on foot and have not been apprehended.

Tougo Coffee Co is putting together a fund for the family. They will offer to the family all monies earned after operating expenses today.

To read more about this tragic death check out Seattle Central District News, Seattle Times, and King 5 News which has a video report.