Chuck’s Hop Shop to Open in Central District

chuck'sThe Central District will soon be welcoming the new Chuck’s Hop Shop in October! It will be located in the empty Copymaster building on the corner of 20th and Union. The owner, Chuck Shin, currently operates the Chuck’s 85th Street Market in Greenwood where you can find 30 beers on tap and close to 1,000 bottles for sale – most of which are local beers. Chuck’s Hop Shop is planned to have 50 taps and possibly more beer selection than Chuck’s 85th Street Market has. They plan to host food trucks everyday, offer outdoor seating as well as serve ice cream. Chuck’s will be open to all ages in order to be family-friendly. Those of you excited to try out many of the beers at the new location, stay tuned for more information regarding its opening date.


The People’s Pig – Madrona, Seattle or Portland?

Peoples PigFood trucks have been all over the news lately with the Seattle City Council voting to open up the ability of food trucks to serve on Seattle public streets.  Previously food trucks could only serve food if they were parked on private property.  The argument against this proposed new law is it will hurt Seattle restaurants who pay rent/property taxes, nonetheless Mayor McGinn is expected to sign it into law within 30 days.

But this whole debate got me thinking about The People’s Pig.  The People’s Pig truck is often parked in the Madrona neighborhood – not serving food – just parked there.  I often wondered where they served, but the only place I could find them is in Portland.   No matter if I go to their Facebook page, The People’s Pig website, the Seattle Times article, even Food Carts Portland (although from a couple years ago) which has a picture of The People’s Pig – they all say that The People’s Pig is in Portland.  Then why or why do I keep seeing the truck in Madrona over a several month period?

I am going to get to the bottom of this – inquiring minds want to know.  I am giving up on the World Wide Web in answering my question – I am just going to have to actually talk to someone.  So emails have been sent and blogs have been written, but in the mean time this Thursday, July 21st from 11 AM to 2 PM is the Mobile Chowdown at Lake Union Park (map).  With any luck The People’s Pig will be there, otherwise there is always lunch.

UPDATE: Check out the comments – looks like we are getting some answers!  World Wide Web I will never doubt you again.