Madrona May Benefit From Seattle Parks and Green Space Levy Meeting Tonight

Madrona ShelterhouseTonight there will be a meeting open to the public at the Jefferson Community Center, 3801 Beacon Ave South, to discuss the Citizen Oversight Committee’s recommendations to spend $10 million of the Parks and Green Spaces Levy inflation funds for Seattle Parks and Recreation major maintenance projects.  In 2008, the Seattle voters passed the Parks and Green Space Levy which had money built into it for inflation, but because of the downturn in the economy the projects were finished under budget leaving money left over.  The Citizen Oversight Committee‘s recommendation is to re-allocate inflation allowance funds for a specific set of projects.  Three of those projects are in the Seattle Central Area, including Madrona.  Those projects are to replace the roof at Garfield Community Center ($465,000), repair the roof at Medgar Evers Pool ($1,600), and to renovate the “Madrona Comfort Station” ($200,000).  The Madrona Comfort Station is better known as the Madrona Playfield Shelterhouse.  The meeting is tonight, Monday, June 27th from 7 PM to 9 PM and, again, the public is encourage to participate.