Dine Out To Benefit Madrona K-8 On April 8

Madrona School

Almost anywhere you eat on 34th Avenue on April 8 will benefit Madrona K-8 School as part of its 6th annual Dine Out fundraiser. Participating restaurants will be donating a portion of the day’s sales to the school, which will be using the proceeds directly to support arts and enrichment programming, including funding two full-time artists in residence from Art Corps, the largest nonprofit arts education program in Seattle.

All you need to do to participate is let the restaurant know you’re there for Dine Out, and enjoy your meal! Participating 34th Avenue restaurants are: Bistro Turkuaz, Bottlehouse, Cupcake Royale/Verite, Hi Spot, Madrona Eatery and Alehouse, Naam, Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria, and St. Cloud’s. Barrio, on 12th Avenue on Capitol Hill will also be participating. Reservations are recommended if you choose a restaurant that takes them.

Dine Out Madrona is sponsored by the Madrona K-8 PTSA.

Madrona Maps Available at Participating Restaurants & Shops

Several of the Madrona businesses came together and produced a map of the Madrona Business District.  The map features most of the Madrona restaurant and shops located between Al Larkins Park and Madrona Playground.  The map includes Pritty Boys Pizza, Bottlehouse, Hi Spot, Molly Moons, Hitchcock Madrona, Naam, Glassybaby, Turkuaz, Kismet Salon, Juniper, Cupcake Royale, Nena Gifts, St. Clouds, Davenport, and Restaurant Bea.  Unfortunately there are some noticeable exclusions including Cafe Soleil and Madrona Ale House; nevertheless, it reminds us of the many options that our Madrona neighborhood has to offer.  If you want a map, stop by one of the participating businesses and pick one up.

Madrona MapMadrona Map


5th Annual Dine Out for Madrona K-8 Next Week

restaurant bea

Photo Credit http://www.cravelocal.com/

It’s that time of year again! The 5th annual Dine Out to benefit Madrona K-8 will be held next Tuesday April 9th, by dining at participating restaurants and establishments around Madrona. Proceeds from the event will go towards benefiting music and arts programs at the school, and is sponsored by the Madrona K-8 PTSA. If you’d like to participate in the event, simply dine out at one of the following restaurants next Tuesday:

Bistro Turkuaz

Restaurant Bea


Cupcake Royale/Verite

Hi Spot

Madrona Eatery and Ale House


Pritty Boys Pizzeria

St Clouds


Everyone support the kids and eat out next week Madrona!

2012 Dine Out for Madrona K-8

Madrona Dine OutTuesday, April 10th, is the 4th Annual Dine Out for Madrona K-8.  The participating Madrona restaurants on 34th Avenue,  Bistro Turkuaz, Bottlehouse, Cupcake Royals, Hi Spot, Madrona Ale House, Naam, Pritty Boys, St. Clouds, are joining with the PTSA to support the local Madrona Public School.  A portion of all sales will be donated to the Panther Partners PTSA to support Arts and Music programs at Madrona Elementary.  The Madrona neighborhood’s part is easy: all you need to do is go out – eat, drink and be merry!

Bring friends, family to dine out on April 10th.  The Madrona School fundraising goal is $5000 for this event and the school needs your support.

Madrona Wine Tasting Event in Just Over Two Weeks

Madrona Wine TastingThe Madrona Wine Tasting Event is just a little more than two weeks away: Saturday, Nov 5th, from 6:30 PM to 9 PM at the Madrona Glassybaby studio.  The event, which is $25 per person, includes free wine tasting and light food.  This fun event will raise money for the nonprofit Madrona Community Council and Madrona K-8 School.

Since my previous blog about the wine tasting event,  several local Madrona restaurants have agreed to help with the hors d’oeuvres.  So far, St. Cloud’s, Naam, Bistro Turkuaz and Hi Spot have all agreed to participate.  Others may also get involved, but even if they do not, the food at the event should be fantastic.

Click the link to buy tickets for the Madrona Wine Tasting Event.  (Space is limited to 150 people and the event is expected to sell out).

Film Crew in Madrona Tonight

Madrona MovieThere was a film crew taking shots of the Madrona Business District on 34th Avenue near Union tonight.  The crew was filming in front of Molly Moon’s and Hi Spot when I was passing by.  I asked a man what the movie was, he said he was hired to do still shots, but did not have a lot of details.  I will let you know if I learn more.

Fundraiser at Madrona’s Hi Spot


Yesterday, I mentioned that Madrona’s Hi Spot is available after business hours to rent for parties and fundraisers etc.  No sooner do I mention it, do I come across a fundraising event planned for September.  I do not know much about the organization or the event, but if you are interested, here is some information, plus some links to find out more.

September 22
Doors opening at 6:15 PM
$60/$55 with donated food or pet item(s) to Rainier Valley Food Bank or PAWS.
Proceeds in support of ‘The One Gathering V‘ coming in January.
Enjoy a four course meal as you delight in live music, raffle items, seated Reiki and Massage, and Tarot Readings.
Fund raising never tasted or felt so good!
Note: To be clear, my understanding is the proceeds (ticket sales) go to support “The One Gathering V” and any food donated goes to Rainier Vally Food Bank and any pet items(s) supports PAWS.

Patrons Beware: Parking Tickets in Madrona

Madrona ParkingLast week a friend of mine went to a dinner party at the Hi Spot.  While most Madrona residents know that Hi Spot closes at 4 PM, many might not know that you can rent Hi Spot after hours for parties.  Well, my friend went to a party there last week and parking was hard to find so she tried to squeeze a Suburban into a parking spot on 35th and Union.  Bad choice – her car was partially blocking the sidewalk and she got a parking ticket at 7:50 PM on a weekday night.  I do not think parking enforcement is out at nearly 8 PM in Madrona, so someone must have called.  So I thought to myself “Would I have called?”  While I feel for my friend, I think the answer is “yes, I might have.”

When I go to work I park in a garage that I access through an alley.  The alley is shared with a large residential building.  I would say about 40% of the time, someone is blocking the alley.  Sometimes it is an window washer’s truck, sometime is the garbage truck, some times it is a delivery truck, and sometimes it is a guy reading a paper in his car.  It is never the same person, but it is a very common occurrence.  Most of the time I do not care, it is just life.  But sometimes I am late and I really do care.  So what if I lived on 35th and Union?  I think it would be the same thing.  Parking must spill over from the Madrona business district all the time.  So you or I might park on 35th once in a blue moon, if we lived near that corner I am sure it is an every day occurrence of someone trying to decide where to park.  I can just picture it now, a tentative driver looking for the best spot…wait is that a spot….frozen in the middle of the street with indecision.  So yes after a bad day of work, someone blocking the sidewalk might make me pick up the phone and call….  Oh well, maybe my friend’s $42 parking fine will help keep the libraries open next year.

Bloody Marys at the Hi Spot


Hi Spot in Madrona

This past year, the Hi Spot got their liquor license so they could serve cocktails with their delicious breakfasts, brunches, and lunches.  Recently, with a gentle twist of my arm, I was at the Hi Spot and tried the Bloody Mary.  They told me it was good…and they were not lying.  It was spicy with a nice thick mixture.  I did not pry too much for the ingredients, but you definitely need to try it if you are a Bloody Mary fan…..especially if you find yourself in Madrona on sunny Seattle weekend morning.

UPDATE:  Last month, I blogged about the umbrellas coming soon to the Hi Spot outdoor patio.  The plan is to get two large umbrellas that cover the entire patio and allow the Hi Spot to keep it open up to 7 months a year (not 9 as I previously wrote).  Mike, the Hi Spot owner, told me that it now looks like the umbrellas won’t be here until June at the earliest.  But since then I did come across an interview of Mike from last year discussing the umbrellas, so it may be delayed again.  Either way, the Hi Spot deck will open when the weather warms.  So personally, I am looking forward to summer in Seattle and enjoying the Hi Spot deck with or without the large umbrellas….the Bloody Mary will have to be a game day decision.

Reminder: Dine Out at Madrona Restaurants This Tuesday

Madrona RestaurantsI previously posted about Dine Out to Benefit Madrona K-8 but I wanted to remind people because it should be a fun night.  I have heard several people say they are going out that night – thus you may want to make a reservation if you are thinking of going out for dinner this Tuesday night.

According to the signs I have been seeing in the windows the following Madrona restaurants are donating a portion of their proceeds for the entire day of Tuesday, April 12th to support the arts program at Madrona K-8: Bistro Turkuaz, Bottlehouse, Cupcake Royale/Verite Coffee, Hi Spot, June, Madrona Ale House, Naam, and St. Clouds.