Own a Madrona Restaurant!

Restaurant BeaWe are finally getting over the disappointment of Restaurant Bea’s closure, and started to pay more attention to the sign in the window.  We found the business-for-sale listing, and it turns out you can have your own Madrona restaurant for $50,000.  One could be discouraged by the closures of the previous restaurants in that space (June, Cremant, and Restaurant Bea) but just down the street Naam has survived after many Madrona restaurants had failed before (Coupage, Plenty, Supreme, Drey’s and Sapphire).  In fact even The Stranger questioned whether Naam could make it after so many failures before, yet years later Naam is still serving the Madrona neighborhood great Thai food.  So if you are looking to open the next Madrona restaurant contact a local broker to purchase the business and let us know when you will be opening.

Madrona’s Restaurant Bea to Open March 30th

Madrona Restaurant BeaThe newest addition to the Madrona Business District, Restaurant Bea, is set to open Friday, March 30th.  Restaurant Bea is located in the space formerly occupied by June.  To read more about Restaurant Bea, click the link to my previous interview with owners Kate Perry and Tom Black (pictured).

Be sure to make a reservation to try out the newest Madrona restaurant.

Photo by Julien Perry a regular contributor to the Seattle Weekly.

Restaurant Bea To Call Madrona Home

Good friends Kate Perry and Tom Black are opening their new restaurant, Restaurant Bea, in Madrona. Taking over the space once occupied by Cremant and later June, Kate and Tom are excited to make Bea a mainstay in Madrona. Not only do Tom and Kate have extensive backgrounds in the Seattle restaurant industry, one as a chef (Tom) and one through restaurant marketing (Kate), they also share a love for the Madrona neighborhood. Tom and Kate both live in the Madrona area; Tom lives off of Olive, and Kate lives on 37th. “We have been looking to open a new restaurant for over a year,” explained Tom. “We flirted with the idea of taking over the space where Dulces once was [now Pritty Boys Pizza], but we are happy to finally be in our new space.”

Tom and Kate’s plan is for Bea to be a neighborhood restaurant that is inviting for not only Madrona residents, but all of Seattle. “We want to be able to know our customers by name, but to also treat our first-time customers with the same attentiveness,” said Kate. To do that, Tom and Kate plan to be very involved in the restaurant. “We both live in Madrona so we will be here all the time,” explained Kate, “and we will be attentive to the entire dining experience.’

The restaurant itself is getting made over. When I was there meeting with Tom and Kate the old built-in booths were being picked up, the restaurant was being rewired, and the kitchen was being cleaned in every nook and cranny. The remodel will include a more open kitchen, where customers can see their food being prepared, and a bar area larger than what the previous restaurants featured, in addition to a whole new aesthetic. When the work is complete, the plan is to be able to seat about 55 people, not including the private dining room behind the main restaurant that can be reserved for private parties of up to 22 people.

The atmosphere will be comfortable and cozy, and Bea will be family friendly. Both Tom and Kate want everyone to feel welcome and to enjoy their time at Bea no matter if you are by yourself, a couple, or a family of five.

Bea plans to open for dinner in late February with weekend brunch starting a month or two later. The food will be polished comfort food that is hyper-seasonal and uses ingredients from small, trusted farmers. Entrees are expected to be in the range of $18 to $22.

Keep your eyes open for Bea’s grand opening. Madrona has a new restaurant that will call our Seattle neighborhood home.

Exciting New Restaurant Coming to Madrona

June SeattleA new restaurant is coming to Madrona early next year.  The restaurant, Bea, will take over the space that was occupied by June.  Stayed tuned to the blog for more details as the opening of the restaurant draws closer; but here is a little introduction from the Bea of what to expect from the restaurant:

We’re excited to be in our gorgeous space in Madrona. Restaurant Bea, led by Tom Black and Kate Perry, will be laid-back but polished, a warm and cozy spot for friends and family to come together. We’re pairing Tom’s amazing food with impeccable service and a spirited ambiance for our community in Madrona and food-lovers around the city.

Rumor is: June Restaurant Closes in December

June SeattleMadrona’s June Restaurant is rumored to be closed.  It is sad to see any Madrona restaurant close, but if the rumor is true, unfortunately June has served their last meal.