Justin Ferrari’s Widow Speaks With His Killer

We have followed the case of Justin Ferrari fairly closely, and today Andrew Patterson, Ferrari’s killer in the second degree murder case, will sit before a judge in the King County courthouse and hear his sentence. According to the Seattle Times, Ferrari’s wife met with Patterson back in August, in a room of lawyers, police officers and jail guards to read him a prepared statement regarding the affect his actions, and the result of Ferrari’s death has affected her and her family. She explained to him how her young children were coping with the death of their father. police

Justin Ferrari was driving his parents, and his two children through the Central District in May 2012 when he was shot in the line of fire not meant for him. Andrew Patterson had shot at someone he had gotten into a scuffle with at a nearby mini mart, and Ferrari’s vehicle had unfortunately been in the line of fire. The meeting was proposed by Ferrari’s wife after she read about a sit down between a Florida family and the man who had killed their daughter. Patterson listened to her prepared statement, and apologized afterwards; the meeting was over within 30 minutes. Patterson is requesting a 13 year sentencing, which is below the standard sentencing for the crime. We will update when the final sentencing is released.

Patterson Pleads Guilty of the Murder of Ferrari


Andrew Patterson pleaded guilty in the murder of Justin Ferrari

Andrew Patterson pleaded guilty in the 2012 murder of Justin Ferrari

Andrew Patterson has pleaded guilty in the murder of Justin Ferrari in May of 2012. 21 year old Patterson was arrested July 19, 2012 after a heavy investigation. While in a dispute with another individual, Patterson pulled a gun and fired shots across the street. Justin Ferrari was driving with his parents and two young children through a Central District intersection when he was struck in the head by a stray bullet. That bullet was one of many that Patterson carelessly shot putting several other people’s lives at risk of being hit. Ferrari’s children sought safety in a restaurant while his father held him until he died.

Andrew Patterson is scheduled to be sentenced August 23rd. He could be facing 15 to 22 years in prison. The prosecution will be asking for just over 19 years.

Police Find Man Convicted of Killing Madrona Father

This news may come a little delayed, as the story was in Saturday’s Seattle Times, but nonetheless is still important to broadcast that police have found the man who is responsible for shooting Justin Ferrari on May 24th. According to the Seattle Times, the shooter, Andrew Jermain Patterson, was outside of a corner store with others when one of then men insulted him; in response he pulled out a gun and fired it, according to King County Superior Court findings.

He had aimed at the man who insulted him, but hit Ferrari who was in his van with his parents and children nearby. Police used information from a Metro bus surveillance camera as well as cellphone data from one of the passengers, and court warranted information from a stolen ORCA card used by Patterson to track him down to Federal Way, and issue a warrant for arrest when he was scheduled to appear in court on a completely different domestic violence account. Patterson is being held at King County Jail on $2 million bail, for more information on his trial visit the Seattle Times.

Big News: Suspect Arrested for Justin Ferrari’s Death

policeman-cartoonA 20-year-old man was arrested in Federal Way for his alleged role in the murder of Justin Ferrari.  Ferrari lost his life when he was caught in the crossfire when driving through the intersection of MLK Jr. Way and Cherry with his parents and two kids.

According to the Seattle Times the suspect was wearing distinctive jacket and clothes that helped identify him.  Stay tuned to the news; I am sure more information will be coming out in the coming weeks.

Justin Ferrari Obituary

Justin Ferrari

Photo Courtesy of Legacy.com and Seattle Times

In case you did not see it, Justin Ferrari’s obituary is in the Seattle Times.  Click the previous link to read it.

Many Madrona residents have wondered what they can do to show support.  The family has asked:

In lieu of flowers, the things that would please Justin more than you can imagine would be to turn down your thermostat a couple degrees and take the bus when you can. For those who feel so moved, donations in Justin’s memory can be made to Rainforest Action Network, Brown University Water Polo, and On the Boards.

Seattle Times Article on Madrona Man who was Murdered

The Seattle Times wrote an article on Justin Ferrari, the Madrona man, who was tragically murdered from a stray bullet as he was driving along Cherry Street with his kids and parents in their Volkswagen van.  The article describes the events leading up to the shooting as well as details of Justin Ferrari’s life including his life as father, husband, his career, and his contribution to the arts and as a coach. So very sad, the entire Madrona community’s thoughts go out to Justin’s family.