Major Car Crash in Madrona Last Night

MadronaAnyone driving by the Madrona Business District last night saw the Seattle Police block off the westbound lane of 34th Avenue as they cleared a three car accident.  One person was taken to the hospital for what was believed to be minor injuries, but it could have been a lot worse.  From what I could gather, a car traveling westbound on Pike Street failed to yield to oncoming traffic when they tried to cross 34th Avenue.  When they did a car driving along 34th Avenue hit them which caused them to slam into the back of a parked Subaru station wagon.  The parked station wagon had its back tailgate open because minutes prior to the crash the new commercial tenants at Pike Station had unloaded a table from the back of the Subaru.  The new tenants would have been seriously injured if the accident had happened just minutes earlier.  The tenants, a travel website for outdoor adventures, got a memorable “welcome” to Madrona but thankfully it came without injury.