Dine Out To Benefit Madrona K-8 On April 8

Madrona School

Almost anywhere you eat on 34th Avenue on April 8 will benefit Madrona K-8 School as part of its 6th annual Dine Out fundraiser. Participating restaurants will be donating a portion of the day’s sales to the school, which will be using the proceeds directly to support arts and enrichment programming, including funding two full-time artists in residence from Art Corps, the largest nonprofit arts education program in Seattle.

All you need to do to participate is let the restaurant know you’re there for Dine Out, and enjoy your meal! Participating 34th Avenue restaurants are: Bistro Turkuaz, Bottlehouse, Cupcake Royale/Verite, Hi Spot, Madrona Eatery and Alehouse, Naam, Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria, and St. Cloud’s. Barrio, on 12th Avenue on Capitol Hill will also be participating. Reservations are recommended if you choose a restaurant that takes them.

Dine Out Madrona is sponsored by the Madrona K-8 PTSA.

Uh-oh, Madrona Restaurants Fighting for Most Family-Friendly Title

There are other Seattle restaurants in the field, but two Madrona restaurants are vying for the title of Seattle’s Most Family Friendly Restaurant.  We are not taking sides on this battle royale, but are crossing our fingers that either Madrona Eatery & Ale House or Pritty Boys Pizzeria win it.  We would welcome the Best of Citysearch title to the Madrona neighborhood.  Good luck to both Madrona Ale House and Pritty Boys Pizza.

Pritty Boys Pizza Now has Beer To Go

Madrona BeerMadrona does love wine (Bottlehouse, Madrona Wine Merchants, etc.) but Madrona beer lovers need a place to go too….well, beyond Madrona Ale House….it is only fair!  Pritty Boy Pizza has just added beer to go starting June 1st.  So stop by 1430 34th Avenue and get your Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria Growler.  Fill it up with one of their 7 draft beers: Manny’s Pale, Chuckanut Kolsch, Chuckanut Dunkle, Pike Double IPA, Three Skulls BlackBeard Dark Lager, Fish Brewery Mudshark Porter, and New Belgium/Elysian Pink Peppercorn IPA.

Madrona Ale House Gets Plug From Seattle City Councilmember

Madrona Ale House

Seattle's Madrona Ale House from 34th & Union

Seattle Weekly recently asked well-known Seattleites what they like to drink and where?  Richard Conlin of the Seattle City Council was quoted as saying he likes to go to the Madrona Ale House and drink beer made by the Fremont Brewing Company.

Click the link to What Seattle Drinks to read Conlin’s quote and see what other Seattleites answered as well.

Madrona Ale House Menu

Madrona Ale House MenuMadrona Ale House MenuMadrona Ale House is a neighborhood favorite especially for Madrona families.  It is hard to find a seat on a weekend night if you stop by for dinner.  The Madrona Ale House menu has everything from pizza to pork chops, from burgers to tacos, and of course beer from Seattle to Timbuktu.  The menu is diverse and while they keep the same favorites such as the Alehouse Fish & Chips and Burger, Shepards Pie, and Margherita Pizza, the menu also changes from time to time.  I recently went in and their familiar lamenated green menus had changed to white or light yellow depending on who you ask.  And with the change of the color came new items on the menu.  Gone from the Madrona Ale House menu are Lamar’s Red Chili, Taco Salad, Chili Cheese Fries, and Sockeye Salmon.  Replacing them are the Blackened Salmon Burger, BBQ Pulled Pork Pizza, Chef’s Salad, Crispy Cod Tacos, Grilled Pork Chop, Ravioli, and the Pan Roasted Chicken.  So the next time you go into Madrona Eatery & Ale House the menu might look a little different, but don’t fear the old favorites are still there and you will also have a chance to try something new.

Madrona Ale House – Families Galore at 6 PM

If you do not have young kids, I do not know if I would recommend Madrona Eatery & Ale House between 5 PM & 7 PM.  If you do have young children and live in Seattle, then there is no better place to go AND I would recommend you go there often.

We went to Madrona Ale House this Saturday night and got there just before 6 PM.  It was not extremely busy, but within no time the place was packed.  We ordered our food and while we waited I went over to the fireplace area.  The fireplace area has a coffee table, a couch, and about 4 large milk crates of random toys.  The toys look like they come from the island of misfit toys or toys from a garage sale (the toys that did not sell), but the couch is crawling with kids and they treat those toys like they just opened them from under the Christmas tree.  While I was there with my children, I took the time to scan the Madrona Ale House and I counted 30 kids under the age of approximately 8 years old.

Our food came and we had a good meal.  They have about 6 items on the kids menu, and the food for adults vary from tacos, to pasta, pizza, burgers, steak, etc.  I generally either get the tacos (which is actually an appetizer – but good enough for dinner if not too hungry), grilled chicken burger with bacon, burger, veggie sandwich, or whatever the special is.  I felt like I had to be healthy so I ordered a veggie sandwich….but instead of getting side salad…oops I ordered french fries and even tartar (they have good french fries – kind of thick with potato skins on some of them).  Now their food is good, but some of their foods I am not a huge fan.  Their wings I do not love (If you like wings see my blog about The Attic in Madison Park) and I have ordered their entree salads in the past and I was not impressed.  But saying all this, we go to Seattle’s Madrona Ale House a lot because it is a great atmosphere if you have kids and the food is good when you order the right thing and really when you do not, it is not bad, just not great.