Madrona’s Neighbor Appreciation Day Is Coming!

madrona-school-sign-tpIt’s almost time again to celebrate and honor our friends and neighbors here in the Madrona community!

Join your neighbors to celebrate Madrona’s Neighbor Appreciation Day this Saturday, Feb. 6 from 9:30-11am.  The gathering will take place at Madrona PK-8 School library with ceremonies begining promptly at 10:00am.

Awards include:

  1. The Nora Award: Named in honor of Madrona activist Nora Wood, this award is given to a Madrona resident who, over time and in ways both large and small, has left a personal mark on the community.
  2. The Local Hero Award: Given to a Madrona resident for an act of heroism, singular kindness or generosity.
  3. The Tyrone Love Unsung Hero Award: Given to a Madrona resident for service to others in the larger community.  Named after community and youth activist and mentor Tyrone Love who dedicated much of his life to the youth of the community.
  4. The Madrona Resident for Life Award: Bestowed upon a long-time, active resident who has left Madrona but remains dearly missed.

This event provides the opportunity for all members of the community to not only enjoy the accomplishments of our adult residents, but to meet the award winners from Madrona K-8 School as well. In addition to all the excitement, the Mayor is confirmed to attend this years event!

It’s time to meet and celebrate the accomplishments of your neighbors, big and small and remember why Madrona is such a strong, wonderful community you’re proud to be a part of!

Madrona K-8 to Host Book Fair

book fairMadrona K-8 will be hosting a book fair Monday, Dec. 9th – Saturday, Dec. 14th. All proceeds from the sale will go towards purchasing new books for the library which is where it will be held.

The schedule is as follows:

Mon. 12/9: 8:15-9:30, 11:00-1:00

Tues. 12/10 & Wed. 12/11: 8:15-9:30, 11:00-4:15

Thur. 12/12: 8:15-9:30, 11:00-4:15, 5:00-7:00

Fri. 12/13: 8:15-9:30, 11:00-1:00

Sat. 12/14: 9:00-1:00

This event is perfect for finding gifts for the holidays at a low cost! Volunteers are needed to help set up, take down, and run the fair. For more information please contact the Madrona K-8 PTSA at ptsa@madronapantherpartners or visit their website.


Help Support Madrona K-8 School

Madrona K-8 PTSA sent out the following information to ask for the neighborhood’s support for the expanded school boundaries.  Madrona K-8 is under-enrolled while many surrounding schools are overflowing.  No matter whether you will ever have a child at Madrona School, a strong local school is important for the area.  There is not a lot of time, so if you want to help please read on:

Madrona K-8 Families: On November 20, the Seattle School Board will be voting on a revised set of school boundary changes and it has significant impact to future enrollment at Madrona K-8.

The latest proposed changes are dated November 6, 2013 and are published at: In the November 06 version of proposed boundary changes, Madrona K-8′s boundary increased slightly in one area, but it also takes away a portion of the existing boundary.

On November 13, the school board held a work-session where many amendments were brought forward. These amendments are also available at On November 13, Kay Smith-Blum of the Seattle School board proposed an amendment to change the boundary of Madrona K8 to include all of the green area below.

Please write to the School Board to voice your support of this increased MK8 attendance area boundary.

Madrona K-8

You can send email to the full school board at: and to the growth boundary committee at:

Make your Subject line:  “There are a few hundred seats going unused at Madrona K-8 and I support a larger boundary for Madrona K-8”

A simple message you can share:

Dear School Board Members:, On November 20, please support the expanded attendance area boundary for Madrona K-8 as proposed by Director Kay Smith Blum. There are a few hundred seats going unused at Madrona K-8 – and the amendment to the proposed boundary changes by Director Kay Smith Blum can help to fill them. MK8 is a building that received previous BEX funds, it is a wonderful learning community housed in a facility of excellent physical condition that is left underutilized year after year. I encourage you to see Madrona K-8 as a solution for central area Middle School overcrowding immediately next year as well as part of long term solution for the future growth of the Elementary grades in the district. Seats are open and ready for an increase in Elementary grades K-5 and Middle School grades 6-8. The Madrona K-8 boundary needs to grow to fill the school to capacity. 1- Filling all the available seats at Madrona K-8 is a responsible use of public facilities. Madrona K-8 received dollars in a public levy for a major renovation in 2001 and underutilizing one of the best school facilities in the district is a waste of public money. Adjacent area schools (Steven’s Elementary, McGilvra Elementary, Montlake Elementary) go on each year with portables, while nearby Madrona K-8 has many seats to fill. Do not perpetuate the continued use of portable facilities. 2- More importantly – enrollment counts are directly tied to the annual school budget. For many years Madrona K-8 has not achieved full enrollment – leading to an unstable budget year after year. An enrollment boundary that captures enough families to maintain a stable population of students is the best way to maintain a stable annual budget. Madrona K-8 has gone through years of conversation and lobbying with SPS to increase the enrollment boundary, and now that boundaries are changing all over Seattle, this is an opportunity for SPS to easily take action and support future success at Madrona K-8.

Open Letter Regarding Madrona School

Madrona SchoolFor Madrona moms and dads trying to decide where to send their child to school can be stressful.  Madrona K-8 has seen some changes with a new principal this year and can expect more changes with the upcoming school boundary adjustment; yet despite the transition, local Madrona parents and their children are enjoying their experience.

A week or two ago, there was some discussion on Madrona Moms about Madrona K-8 School and below is one local neighborhood mom’s response.  With her permission, we are republishing her letter here so as to hopefully assist other Madrona parents to gain a better insight into our local elementary school:

Re: An open letter to CD parents regarding neighborhood schools

Thank you for posting this. We too have chosen Madrona for our kindergarten daughter and couldn’t be happier right now. I’ll do whatever it takes to help dispel the myths and build the Madrona K8 brand that represents all the special stuff that’s going on, including the strong community it builds within our neighborhood!  We’ve met new neighbors that we didn’t know before this fall. I knew it was going to be a convenient choice since we could walk to school, but I didn’t expect the comfort I was going to feel knowing our daughter was nearby.

And, most importantly, our daughter is learning – in this short amount of time, she is reading, counting to 100 and has learned all kinds of new social skills. Her class size is small and both teachers maintain an incredible amount of order throughout the day.  Our expectations have been exceeded and so far, we are very happy with our choice.

I would be happy to talk personally with anyone considering Madrona K8 next year.

Thanks Again, Stacey Kryman

Volunteer to Tutor at Madrona K-8 School was recently contacted about this program where you can volunteer to tutor at local Seattle schools including Madrona K-8 School:

For one hour, just once a week on your way home from work, you can go into a nearby Seattle grade school and tutor a child who needs a little extra help with his or her studies. Invest in Youth ( is looking for additional tutors for the 2013 – 2014 school year.

Participating in Invest in Youth requires a tutoring commitment of one hour per week (with several holidays) for the duration of the school year. Upon joining the program, you will be paired with an elementary school student in 2nd through 5th grade and work with that same student for the entire year, getting to know their strengths and weaknesses while tracking their progress from week to week. It is an extremely rewarding experience for both students and their tutors!

In 2013 – 2014 we will be working with the following schools:

  • Mondays, Roxhill Elementary School (9430 30th Ave SW), 3:45-4:45pm
  • Tuesdays, Beacon Hill International School (2025 14th Ave S.), 3:00 – 4:00 pm
  • Tuesdays, Madrona K-8 (1121 33rd Avenue) 3:45 – 4:45 pm
  • Wednesdays, Daniel Bagley Elementary School (7821 Stone Ave. N.), 3:45-4:45pm
  • Thursdays, Thurgood Marshall Elementary School (2401 S. Irving), 3:50-4:50pm

To learn more or to register as a tutor, please visit or contact Alison Allen, Program Director and Madrona resident at: (206) 316-6356

Not able to commit to tutoring each week? We are always looking for substitute tutors to help us out!

Madrona Community Council Meeting – Tuesday, June 4th

Madrona Community CouncilThe Madrona Community Council invites you to attend their June meeting at the Shelterhouse next to the tennis courts at Madrona Playground.  The meeting will be today, Tuesday, June 4th, at 7:15 PM.

The meetings tentative agenda is as follows:

  • Madrona Mayfair Recap
  • Street Tree Study Update
  • Madrona Community Council Retreat
  • Madrona K-8 Support
  • Treasurer’s Report

Madrona Community Council May Meeting at Madrona K-8

Madrona Community CouncilThe Madrona Community Council invites you to attend their May meeting at the Madrona K-8 School Library.  The meeting will be next Tuesday, May 7th, at 7:15.  The meeting will be at Madrona School since the usual meeting location, the Shelterhouse at Madrona
Playfield, is currently under renovation.

The meetings tentative agenda is as follows:

– Mayfair celebration update
– Shelterhouse remodel status/update
– Stairwell clean-up follow-up
– Street trees study consultant selection committee update
– Secretary election
– Yard sale in June?
– Treasurer’s report

Madrona Community Council March Meeting & Madrona K-8

Madrona Community CouncilThe Madrona Community Council will be attending an important Madrona
K-8 school meeting on Tuesday, March 5, and will not be holding its usually
scheduled meeting that evening.

As discussed on our earlier Madrona Blog, all community members are welcome and encouraged to attend the meeting at Madrona K-8. Seattle School Board members, District representatives, community partners, parents, teachers, and staff will be discussing enrollment, funding, and capacity issues in the central region.

The meeting agenda and details are below.

Madrona K-8 community: please join us for an important meeting with School
District representatives!

Who: The PTSA is hosting a meeting with: Kay Smith Blum, Seattle School Board President; Phil Brockman, Executive Director of K-12 Operations; Nancy Coogan, Executive Director of School’s in the Central Region.

What: A meeting to discuss Madrona K-8’s future: enrollment,
capacity, services & potential changes

When: Tuesday, March 5, 6:30PM

Where: Madrona K-8 School Library (Map – Enter from 33rd)

Why: Madrona needs the district’s support to increase enrollment and to
support its students. The district also needs to look at all schools in the
central area when looking at capacity issues.

Madrona K-8 Meeting: All Madrona Residents Invited

Madrona SchoolMadrona K-8 has invited the community to participate in a meeting next Tuesday night at 6:30 PM in the school library.  The school has been struggling the past several years with attendance and the meeting is to address what can be done to help the school thrive.  Because a strong school is an essential part of any Seattle neighborhood this is an important meeting for all Madrona residents.  Please join the meeting if you can.


Please join the Madrona K-8 PTSA for an important meeting with Seattle Public School District representatives about the future of Madrona K-8

All community members are encouraged and welcome to attend Madrona K-8’s upcoming meeting with SPS representatives on Tuesday, March 5, at 6:30 p.m. in the school library. Kay Smith Blum, Seattle School Board President, Phil Brockman, Executive Director of K-12 Operations, and Nancy Coogan, Executive Director of School’s in the Central Region, will be joining school staff, teachers, parents, and community members to discuss enrollment and capacity at Madrona K-8, special services to support neighborhood schools in the central region, and the recent option floated to the Seattle School Board to consider changing Madrona K-8 to a K-5 in 2017. Go to for additional information.

Good schools go hand in hand with healthy neighborhoods – come take part in the discussion.

Nominate Your Madrona Neighbor for Neighborhood Appreciation Day

Madrona AwardsNeighborhood Appreciation Day has a long tradition in Madrona.  Every year neighbors nominate a Madrona resident for one of four awards:

  • The Nora Award – Named in honor of Madrona activist Nora Wood, this award is given to a Madrona resident who, over time and in ways large or small, has left a personal mark on the community.
  • The Local Hero Award – Given to a Madrona resident for an act of heroism, singular kindness, or generosity.
  • The Tyrone Love Unsung Hero Award – Named in honor of Tyrone Love, this award is given to a Madrona resident for service to others in the larger community.
  • The Madrona Resident for Life Award – Bestowed upon a long-time, active resident who has left Madrona but is much missed.

This year, Neighborhood Appreciation Day will be Saturday, March 23rd, at the Madrona School.  The Madrona Community Council encourages you to nominate a Madrona resident for one of the four awards by February 26th.   To nominate someone, please feel free to comment to this blog, and we will pass it along to the Madrona Community Council.  Your nomination should include 1) who you would like to nominate, 2) for what award, and 3) a brief explanation on why they deserve award.