Madrona Mayfair


The annual Madrona Mayfair is celebrating its 40th anniversary on Saturday, May 14th 2016.  The festivities kick off at 9:30 AM with the Madrona Mayfair parade. Led by Deano the Clown, the parade starts at Al Larkins Park (34th & Pike).   Other activities will be spread throughout the morning.  For a full list of the events, see below:

9:15 AM

Parade line up @ Al Larkins Park

(34th & Pike) led by Charles the Clown

9:30 AM

Parade begins!

Breakdancing Instruction

Yo-Yo Contest

Pony Rides

Face Painting

Photo Booth

Mayfair Screen Printing

(bring your own shirt or tote bag to print on)

10:00 AM

Charles the Clown Show @ the Shelter House

10:30 AM

The Reptile Man Show @ the Shelter House

12:00 PM

Recess Monkey Concert @ the Madrona Playfield

Save the Date – Madrona Mayfair!

With the rain coming down hard this week, it feels like the perfect time to start getting excited for spring activities! Mark your calendars, because rain or shine the 2014 Madrona Mayfair is scheduled for Saturday May 10th from 9:30am-1:00pm. Mayfair will include a similar lineup to years past with the favored kiddie parade, pony rides, big bounce houses, clowns and various attractions along with a concert by the Recess Monkeys at the Madrona Playfield.

Madrona mayfair 1

This year there will also be the first annual silent auction put on by Madrona K-8 and the Madrona Community Council (MCC), so come on down and check out the list of auction items. Volunteers are certainly still needed, and while several sponsors have already committed (Ewing & ClarkHarvard Avenue School, Molly Moon’s, Cambium, Lakeview Kids Dentistry, and the Madrona Dining and Sipping Society) sponsorships are still much appreciated. If you’d like to get involved or if you’d like more information on supporting this treasured Madrona event, please contact Stacey Kryman via email at,

Madrona Mayfair Volunteers Needed

Madrona MayfairMadrona Mayfair is May 18th this year a date I will always remember as the day Mt. St. Helen’s blew….yet I digress.  The Madrona Community Council puts on Mayfair each year, but the council which is run entirely by volunteers, always needs an extra hand when it comes to the big neighborhood celebration.  If interested in helping, please comment on this blog and we will put you in touch with the appropriate person.  Following are the shifts and duties needed for Mayfair:

Set Up 8-9am – 6 people
Clean Up 12-1pm – 1 person
Pony Rides 9:30-11am-3 people / 11am-12pm – 2 people
St. Clouds Food Table 11:00am-12:00pm – 1 person
Hot Dog Stand 9:30-11am-5 people (at the grill and taking money) / 11am-12pm – 3 people
Bouncy House 9:45am-11am – 2 people / 11am-12pm – 2 people
Obstacle Course 9:45am-11am -2 people / 11am-12pm – 2 people
Bake Sale Table 9:30am-11am – 4 people / 11:00-12:00pm – 3 people
Traffic Control (for the parade from 9:15am-9:30) – 6 people
Crowd Control for Reptile Man and Clown performance Approx. 10-11:30 – 4 people
On Call Doctor with a First Aid Kit 9:30-1pm

Madrona Mayfair – Save the Date

Madrona MayfairMadrona Mayfair is already in the works and it is shaping up.  Knock on wood that the weather cooperates.  This year Madrona Mayfair will be Saturday, May 18th, 9:30 AM to 1 PM.  As always, Mayfair will begin at Al Larkins Park with the kiddie parade and end up at Madrona Playgound were there will be all kinds of fun.  Pony Rides, Bouncy Houses, Obstacle Course by Seattle Gymnastics Academy, Reptile Man, Charles the Clown, and this year the Recess Monkey will have a concert right there at the Madrona Playfield starting at noon.

Many Madrona restaurants/dessert makers have expressed interest in participating in this year’s Mayfair, but so far it can be announced that St. Clouds and Pritty Boy’s Pizza have confirmed.

As always the Madrona Community Council (MCC) is planning Mayfair.  Madrona Community Council is always looking for volunteers and sponsors for the event so they can continue to provide the event free to our Seattle neighborhood.  So far, Ewing and Clark are sponsoring the pony rides, Lakeview Kids Dentistry is sponsoring the Recess Monkey Concert, Madrona Dining and Sipping Society is covering the cost for permits for the parade, and Harvard Avenue School is providing face painting, but the Madrona Community Council is looking for two more sponsors to assist with other hard costs.  If you do not want to sponsor, but can help out either during or before the event they are still looking for volunteers.  If you are interested in either, please add a comment to this blog (it will no show to the public) and we will forward your information to the correct member of the Madrona Community Council.


Madrona Mayfair T-Shirts Available Online

Madrona MayfairMadrona Mayfair t-shirts are now available online.   T-shirts will be on sale until May 1st to ensure that they will be delivered in time for Mayfair.  The t-shirts will NOT be available for sale at Mayfair, so be sure to order your t-shirts before the big event.  Click the link to order your Mayfair t-shirt today.  T-shirts are approximately $15 (depending on sizes, etc.) and are available in all sizes.

Also, click the following link for the detailed Madrona Mayfair Block Party schedule.  Mayfair is Saturday, May 12th.

Madrona Mayfair & Block Party Schedule

Madrona MayfairMadrona residents come celebrate Mayfair this year with your fellow Seattle neighbors on Saturday, May 12th.  This year Madrona Mayfair is in the morning with the Madrona Block Party starting in the afternoon.  Following are the up-to-date details of the fun events.


Madrona Mayfair Block Party – Saturday May 12
Brought to you by Madrona Community Council & Business Owners of Madrona (BOOM)
Rain or Shine

Schedule of events
Friday May 11
4:00-5:00 – Bike/Trike Decorating at the Madrona Shelterhouse. Decorations provided!

Saturday May 12
8:00-9:15 – Madrona K-8 (33rd & Union) Breakfast & Last Minute Bike/Trike Decorating
9:15 – Parade Line Up at Al Larkins Park (34th & Pike)
9:30 – Parade Begins
9:30-12:00 –  Bouncy houses, pony rides, bake sale, face painting, an obstacle course, The Reptile Man, Charles the Clown, food and more in the Madrona Playground (34th and Spring)

BOOM sponsors the 2nd half of the day with the Madrona restaurant and shops having food, fun and music all afternoon along 34th Avenue in the Madrona Business District

Amara Parking Lot Performances (34th & Union)

12:00 – The Not-Its! – America’s Most Rockin Indie Band performs in the Amara Parking Lot – great fun for kids and adults alike
1:00 Le Cancer
2:00 GOD
4:00 Ethan Freckleton
5:00 Autumn Electricity

Bottlehouse Performances (1416 34th Ave)

12:00 Band of Guitars
1:00 A Cedar Suede
3:00 Last Great Fire
4:00 TBD
5:00  Jazz Group

The Madrona Community Council and BOOM would like to thank all of the sponsors and Madrona neighborhood businesses for helping make the Madrona Mayfair Block Party a successful event:

Madrona Community Council
Ewing & Clark
Harvard Avenue Preschool
Madrona Family Dental
Lakeview Orthodontics

Supporting sponsors:
Cupcake Royale
Meter Music
Seattle Gymnastics
Seattle Parks & Rec
St. Cloud’s
Tougo Coffee

Market Your Calendar for Madrona Mayfair Block Party

Madrona MayfairThe Madrona Community Council is hosting Madrona Mayfair this year on Saturday, May 12th.  Unlike previous years, Madrona Mayfair is being combined with BOOM‘s 34th and Union Street Festival.  This will allow the festivities in Madrona to go from the morning through the evening.  The first half of the day will have all the usual family-friendly events such as pony rides, bouncy houses, etc at the Madrona Playground and then continue through the afternoon in the Madrona Business District with live music, food and drink, and retail specials.

The Madrona Community Council is still looking for volunteers as well as sponsors for Madrona Mayfair Block Party.  So far, Harvard Avenue School is sponsoring Face Painting, Ewing & Clark is sponsoring the Pony Rides, and The Reptile Man and Mayfair Clown are sponsored by Dr. Loren Tarr.  If you are interested in volunteering or sponsorship, please contact Stacy Kryman.

Madrona Mayfair Bike Decorating

Madrona MayfairWell, Madrona Mayfair is less than 24 hours away so it is time to get the bikes decorated for the opening parade.  The opening Mayfair Parade consists mainly of neighborhood kids on their bikes riding two blocks from Alvin Larkins Park to Madrona Playground.  Of course these are no ordinary bikes, at least once the decorations are added.  Most of the bikes will be plastered with balloons, ribbons, etc. to make the kids ordinary bikes into special Madrona Mayfair bicycles.  To help kids make this happen they can show up today, Friday the 13th (Makes me think of Friday the 13th the movie and the 50 sequels), from 3 PM to 5 PM at the Madrona Playfield Shelterhouse (Locate in Madrona Playground on the east side of tennis courts).  A bunch of neighborhood kids and parents will be there getting their bikes ready for the big day.  If you cannot get there today, then just show up early (9 AM) tomorrow at Alvin Larkins Park and you can decorate your bike there as well.

Madrona Mayfair will start with the parade at 9:30 AM tomorrow (Saturday, May 14th – Reminds me of the movie Saturday the 14th) at Alvin Larkins Park.  The Mayfair festivities will be from just after 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM at Madrona Playground.

Come on Sunny Weather – We Need You For Madrona Mayfair

Madrona MayfairCome on sunny weather, we need you this weekend.  Saturday is Madrona Mayfair and the bouncy house is just that more bouncy, the pony rides are just that more fun, and the face paint smudges that much less when you are out.

I just checked the weather and while Thursday and Friday are suppose to be nice, Saturday is another story.  So hopefully that really means it will be nice on Saturday.  We will see.

Rain or shine, Madrona Mayfair must go on though.  So show up on Saturday, May 14, 2011, from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM for the festivities.  Fellow Madrona residents, the Madrona Community Council, and Madrona businesses are pitching in to make it a great event.

People will start gathering at Alvin Larkins Park around 9:00 AM and the parade (which consists of neighborhood kids on bikes and their parents walking along) will get started around 9:30 AM.  The parade will go along 34th Avenue and end at Madrona Playground where there will be free entertainment including pny rides, bouncy house, face painting, and other carnival games.  St. Cloud’s and Molly Moon’s will be selling food and there will also be a neighborhood bake sale.  All proceeds go to pay for Madrona Mayfair.

So come one, come all to Madrona Mayfair – it will be a great time – rain or shine.