Mary’s Place Wins 2013 Non-Profit Of The Year

Madrona Presbyterian Church

Mary’s Place, sponsor of the Julia’s Place Night Shelter at Madrona Grace Presbyterian Church, has been named the 2013 Non-Profit of the Year by the Greater Seattle Business Association. Mary’s Place and its affiliated shelters are the only shelters in King County that accept homeless women with children. They provide basic services such as hot showers and laundry, along with resources to help women lift themselves out of homelessness.

Julia’s Place hosts five families (men, women, and children) overnight while they wait for permanent housing, and is staffed by volunteers who stay the night and serve dinner. The “Madrona Moms” community group has signed up to serve at the shelter one week per quarter.

The shelter is looking for volunteers to staff the remaining 12 weeks. For more information about how you can help at Mary’s Place, please contact Alyson Moon at or at (206) 621-8474.

Open Letter Regarding Madrona School

Madrona SchoolFor Madrona moms and dads trying to decide where to send their child to school can be stressful.  Madrona K-8 has seen some changes with a new principal this year and can expect more changes with the upcoming school boundary adjustment; yet despite the transition, local Madrona parents and their children are enjoying their experience.

A week or two ago, there was some discussion on Madrona Moms about Madrona K-8 School and below is one local neighborhood mom’s response.  With her permission, we are republishing her letter here so as to hopefully assist other Madrona parents to gain a better insight into our local elementary school:

Re: An open letter to CD parents regarding neighborhood schools

Thank you for posting this. We too have chosen Madrona for our kindergarten daughter and couldn’t be happier right now. I’ll do whatever it takes to help dispel the myths and build the Madrona K8 brand that represents all the special stuff that’s going on, including the strong community it builds within our neighborhood!  We’ve met new neighbors that we didn’t know before this fall. I knew it was going to be a convenient choice since we could walk to school, but I didn’t expect the comfort I was going to feel knowing our daughter was nearby.

And, most importantly, our daughter is learning – in this short amount of time, she is reading, counting to 100 and has learned all kinds of new social skills. Her class size is small and both teachers maintain an incredible amount of order throughout the day.  Our expectations have been exceeded and so far, we are very happy with our choice.

I would be happy to talk personally with anyone considering Madrona K8 next year.

Thanks Again, Stacey Kryman

Free “Building Blocks” Festival for Parents This Saturday

Seattle SchoolsFor Madrona moms and dads of infants to preschoolers, there is a free event this weekend you may be interested in attending.  “Building Blocks: Learn, Eat, Play” event brings over 35 local preschools together this Saturday, November 9th, from 9:30 AM to 1 PM at Hamlin Robinson School.  Seattle’s Child Magazine, who puts on the event, has invited Madrona residents to attend:

Building Blocks Early Learning & Preschool Festival will feature more than 35 local preschools and other organizations that cater to families with young children. Parents can get information on schools, camps, classes and more, plus listen to mini lectures about early learning.

Kids will enjoy snacks as well as entertainment from Stone Soup Theatre, Jamtown and Your Imaginary Friend. Seattle Gymnastics Academy will provide free, on-site childcare during the event!

Madrona Families Beware: Kidnap Warning

sirenThere was several postings on Madrona Moms about a suspicious man parked near Epiphany School the other day.  The description was as follows:

My husband and I were playing with our 3 year old near the preschool play area and the main play area near the gym. We noticed a man pull up and stop near the preschool area and park. He sat there and seemed to be watching us. After about 10 minutes he drove away but we then saw him pull up on the other side of the road (Denny) and park. Again he was looking our direction.

The second time we were near the main play area near the gym. He was parked outside of the parking lot on the street (Denny).

This happened in the evening and both times he was parked far enough away from us that we could not see his license plate. I can only say he appeared to be Caucasian?, maybe 40’s, wearing sunglasses, silver vehicle.

This incident as well as a rash of others around Seattle caused Epiphany as well as other local Madrona area schools to warn parents to be on the lookout.

Here are links to more details on the Queen Anne kidnap attempt,  White Center kidnap attempt, and the kidnap attempt I believed to be the kidnap attempt “near Seattle Center.”

Grinch Has Stole Christmas; Madrona Can You Help?

Seattle PoliceBah, Humbug!  Seriously, this is stupid.  Stealing is never right, but stealing donations to YWCA for needy families is low.  You can read the details on Central District News, Madrona Moms, and even hear about it on the radio.  But someone or somebodies stole about $6,200 of toys from the local YWCA and now YWCA is scrambling to replace the toys by Thursday.  Any donations from local Madrona residents is appreciate.

Here are the details from Central District News:

A grinch made off with thousands of dollars worth of toys, set to be donated to needy children, in a Central District burglary earlier this month.

Staff at the Central District YWCA put approximately $6200 worth of radio controlled cars, basketballs, and other toys in to storage at a building on 28th and E. Cherry Street on December 3rd.

This morning, they discovered all the toys had gone missing, and called police.

It’s not clear when the toys were taken, as a staff member noticed the storage door was open on December 7th, but didn’t think anything of it at the time.

The case will be turned over to the Seattle Police Department’s East Precinct burglary unit for investigation.

If you want to help:

We are looking to replace 300 toys in the next three days: all interests and ages, for boys and girls, up to age 18. Gifts of new, unwrapped toys can be dropped off at the East Cherry branch of our YWCA, at 2820 E. Cherry St. Questions should be directed to Nichelle Hilton at 206.412.1605.

Pritty Boys Family Pizza Now Delivers

Zaw PizzaIt was just this month that Pagliacci’s started delivering pizza to Madrona and Leschi, but now Pritty Boys Family Pizzeria also delivers to local residences.  It was announced on Madrona Moms and signs along Madison Street that Pritty Boys will now deliver.  Just call them at 206-257-1319 to order food to your home.  Turkey, mashed potatoes and now this…I better start running to get burn all these calories off.

UPDATE: From Pritty Boys’ Facebook Page:

Delivery! Delivery! Delivery! Here are are more detail about our new Delivery Service Available during all operating Hours! Free Delivery for order over 20 dollars Our Current Service Area Boundaries  are North – Montlake Cut/520 Freeway South – Yesler/Jackson Ave East – Lake Washington West – 15th Avenue

Coyote Sighting in Madrona

Seattle CoyoteI wrote last week on Madrona Moms about a coyote I saw crossing Lake Washington Boulevard at 32nd Avenue up by the fire station.  I was heading down 32nd Avenue towards Madrona when I saw the coyote.  I called animal control and they told me no one comes to capture or move wild animals of this nature.  They did tell me that coyotes are very fearful of humans and will avoid us, but they do look for an easy food source so be sure to keep your cats inside.

Since my post on Madrona Moms, several other Madrona residents have detailed seeing coyotes in the area: on Madrona Drive, near James and 35th Avenue, 26th and East John, etc.  One person even posted a map of coyote sightings in the Seattle area.

UPDATE:  The comments on Madrona Moms keep coming about the coyote sightings with concerns of safety, etc.  Here is a link to PAWS that talks more about coyotes with a lot of good information about their habits, what they eat, how to protect your animals, etc.

Adult Websites Viewed at the Madrona Library?

Seattle LibrariesThere recently has been a debate raging in the Seattle Times about X rated websites being viewed at the Seattle Public Libraries.  In a Seattle Times article by Danny Westneat, Westneat repeats the experience of a mom while she visited the Madrona Library:

“They are protecting perverts over the kids,” one wrote.

It is off-putting what some people do with library computers. Once I was in the tiny Madrona branch with my kids and my mother — who is a librarian herself — when we were confronted with someone watching what must have been a triple-X video.

“What should we do?” I whispered, worried my kids would see.

My mom was disgusted. But she only shrugged.

“There’s nothing to do. Let’s just move over there.”

The experience is not unique to the Madrona branch.  This example shows that it is not isolated to larger libraries such as the Downtown branch, but smaller Seattle neighborhood libraries – even those across from an elementary school such as Madrona K-8.

The debate is essentially those that think the Seattle Public Libraries have no morals or common sense versus the slippery slope argument that if the library starts blocking content then where will it end?  Thus the Seattle Libraries stance is to allow access to individuals to constitutionally protected material.

Carjacking in Madrona Tuesday Night

Seattle PolicemanThe news has been on Madrona Moms about a carjacking that took place in Madrona this past Tuesday night.  A woman was driving home on Martin Luther King Jr. Way from Columbia City when she took a right on Cherry.  Right before she got to 34th Avenue a car bumped her and she stopped to check for damage.  Two men from the other car approached her car on either side and the man on the driver side tapped her window with a gun.   They told her to put all of her belongings on the passenger seat and to get out of the car.  She was allowed to leave, so she started up 34th Avenue towards the Madrona Business District.

Her car was one which has a proximity key.  When she got out of the car the key was in her pocket, thus it caused her car to turn off when she walked away.  The Seattle Police were able to recover the car not far from where she left it.  The police are checking for prints and are reviewing nearby traffic cameras to see if they can get any further information.

Luckily the woman was not harmed.  One theory the police had is the driver might have gained the carjackers’ attention with her ring.  While the woman lost her possessions that she left in the front seat of the car, she did not lose her ring.  I was told she took the gum she was chewing out of her mouth, took the ring, and stuck both of them in her hair.

Please be aware of what happened and be safe.  Attached is a safety article on carjacking by US Department of State.  This carjacking incident happened around 7 PM on a Tuesday night so it seems this could happen at any time.  If someone hits your car, don’t hesitate to call 911 and keep them on the line until you know you are safe.

Nextdoor Madrona

Nextdoor MadronaA new network of neighborhood websites is popping up and Madrona has their own local version of it: Nextdoor Madrona.  I recently joined and have not had a lot of time to spend on it, but basically the website reminds me of Madrona Moms.  The Seattle Times described Nextdoor Madrona as:

Called Nextdoor, it’s a new platform for creating neighborhood Web sites that function as bulletin boards, newsletters and notification systems. Neighborhoods can use Nextdoor sites – which it calls “private social networks” – to do things like post items for sale, look for a babysitter and organize events.

With such a strong presence of Madrona Moms and other Madrona websites, I do not know how well Nextdoor Madrona will take off, but I am willing to give it a try and I am sure others will too.