Madrona Community Council Meeting Tomorrow June 3


Join your neighbors tomorrow, Tuesday, June 3 for the Madrona Community Council’s monthly meeting at the Shelterhouse. On the agenda for tomorrow:

  • Quanlin Hu of the Department of Planning and Development will be present to give an update on the 23rd Avenue Action Plan, which concerns the areas between Cherry and Jackson streets.
  • Update on the proposed parklet outside the Bottlehouse and Hi Spot on 34th Avenue
  • Mayfair recap
  • Discussion of future events, including the neighborhood yard sale, neighborhood BBQ, movie in the park, wine tasting fundraiser logistics, etc.
  • Planning for summer board meeting
  • Other business
  • Treasurer’s report

The meeting begins at 7:15 and everyone is welcome! The Madrona Shelterhouse is located at 3211 E Spring St.

Opinions on Prop. 1 to Prevent Deep Metro Bus Cuts

**This post was written by  Madrona, Seattle reader Hester Serebrin who is not affiliated with the Madrona, Seattle blog. We love hearing the opinions of our readers, and would welcome an opposing stance on the proposition.

Why I’m Voting YES on Prop 1 on April 22nd to Save Metro Bus Service

Without action soon, King County Metro will cut 17% of service, with the first cuts taking place as early as June of this year. As many as 74 routes, including routes 4 and 27, are slated to be completely eliminated. Another 107 routes, including routes 2 and 3, will be restructured or reduced. Route 8 will no longer run South or East of E John Street & 16th Avenue E. You can learn more about the cuts that Madrona and surrounding neighborhoods are facing here.

Having grown up in Madrona, and a frequent rider of the often infrequent #2, I can say from experience that Madrona can’t afford to lose its already limited bus service. And neither can the rest of King County. As any bus rider who has been passed up by an overcrowded bus or forced to stand for an entire commute can tell you, these cuts couldn’t be coming at a worse time. Metro should be growing by 15% just to reduce crowding and keep up with demand.

Thanks to the Great Recession, Metro has lost more than $1 billion in projected revenue from the sales tax. Through efficiencies, cutting less productive routes, nearly doubling fares, and spending down reserves, King County has been able to avoid major cuts to our bus service. Meanwhile our state leaders in Olympia have failed to authorize a more stable long-term funding source for transit.

But we can save our buses by voting YES on Prop 1. King County Executive Dow Constantine and the County Council have moved forward with a proposal to fund Metro with the only funding source the county has available. The measure— a $60 vehicle fee and .01% sales tax increase—would cost the average household about $11/month, and will include measures to make sure that low income bus riders and car owners can still afford to get around. Those making less than $23,000/year can get a reduced bus fare that will save bus riders between $35-54/month. Low-income car owners will pay a reduced license fee.

Fail to pass this ballot measure, and we fail our friends, family, and neighbors in King County: Metro’s proposed service cuts would affect up to 80% of all bus riders, who will have to wait longer or walk farther to get on the bus. Some will be left without a way to get around at all. And it’s not just bus riders who will be affected: service cuts are anticipated to put 30,000 cars back on the street, clogging our already congested arterials and highways and making commutes worse for everyone on the road.

That’s why I’m voting YES on Prop 1 on April 22nd, and I urge you to do the same. You can learn more at

Attend a Leschi Elementary School Tour

Leschi Elementary School will be holding daytime tours and Open Houses to give families in the neighborhood a chance to learn more about Contemporary and Montessori programs, after school/curricular activities available to students and get to know the teachers and staff members. If you’re interested in learning more about the school, view classrooms, and hear from parents and student guides, come to one of the  daytime tours, and check in at the school’s library. Please call the school office at (206) 252-2950 to reserve a spot for one of the following dates: school

  • Tuesday, February 11th 9:00-10:00 am
  • Thursday, February 27th 9:00-10:00 am
  • Thursday, Feb. 6th – 6:30 to 7:30 pm (Evening Open House, get to know teachers and PTA members on a tour of the school)

For more information, or to learn more about the school, visit the Leschi Elementary website today.

Madrona Healthy Trees and Safe Sidewalks Plan Update

SDOT Madrona

Photo Courtesy of SDOT

At the most recent Madrona Community Council meeting, attendees received a project update on the Healthy Trees and Safe Sidewalks Management Plan. We’ve blogged about these issues with the sidewalks in the past, and this Management Plans is working to create safe accessible sidewalks, while also protecting and conserving the urban trees in the neighborhood. Updates to the plan include objectives such as repairing tree-damaged sidewalks with sustainable solutions like building the sidewalk around the tree roots while paving a slightly narrower safe sidewalk for pedestrian use. Other updates include retaining healthy mature sited trees when possible, exploring and implementing innovative sidewalk repair approaches and evaluating sidewalk repair approaches across an array of criteria including life-cycle and community costs and benefits.

They will be looking at case studies and working towards long term solutions for these issues while developing a final operational plan. A final solution is predicted to be reached by July 2014, if you’d like more information about this project visit the SDOT website, or contact Jennifer Wieland at 206-733-9970, or email her at

Love Your Neighbor? Nominate Them For Neighborhood Appreciation Day

When Springtime rolls around in Madrona, the MCC gives thanks and sponsors a local Neighborhood Appreciation Day to honor residents who have have contributed to the neighborhood. Get your nominations in this year by March 1st, and the award ceremony will be held at Madrona K-8. The Madrona Community Council will be giving awards out for the following: neighbors

  • The Nora Award: In honor of local Madrona activist Nora Wood, this award is given to an individual who has left a mark on the community in ways large or small.
  • The Local Hero Award: Its all in the name – given to a Madrona resident for an act of heroism, generosity, or act of kindness
  • The Unsung Hero Award: Given to a Madrona resident for noteworthy service to others in community
  • Madrona Resident for Life Award: Awarded to a longtime active resident who has left Madrona for other endeavors, but will always be missed.

Love your neighbor? Nominate them for one of the awards above today by e-mailing

Trick or Treat: Halloween Festivities in Madrona!

Pumpkin spice lattes, jack-o-lanterns on the porch, and Seattle skies lit with a spotlight beckoning patrons to the Kube 93 haunted house can only mean one thing – Halloween is nearly here! The Madrona Community Council, BOOM (Business Owners of Madrona) and Madrona K-8 have come together to organize several Halloween activities between 4:30-7:30pm on October 31st. All of the youngsters in the area are invited to come join the festivities, which begin at the Madrona Shelterhouse at 4:30pm for treats. pumpkin

Visit the neighborhood businesses dressed in your best costumes to collect trick or treat sweets, then take part in a special Madrona scavenger hunt. Business will be included in the scavenger hunt list, which will be available to pick up at the Shelterhouse. This year each participating business will provide kids with a letter along with their treat that when put together with the other letters spells a secret word. Kids will collect the letters to solve a word puzzle, and will be rewarded with a special treat at the Shelterhouse at the end. After the scavenger hunt, everyone is welcome to stop by the Madrona K-8 main entrance on 33rd for festivities and of course – more treats! See you there!

UPDATE:  Most of the activities will be from 4:30 to 6:30 and we do not believe Madrona K-8 is participating this year.

Central Cinema Gets a Sound System Upgrade!

Central Cinema has announced that thanks to the support of many, they will be getting a brand new system upgrade to their projection and sound systems! See their letter describing the awesome new upgrades below. We’re excited to experience a new and improved night at the movies when renovations are complete! Central Cinema Letter 8.26.13


Seattle Weekly Names Bottlehouse as #6 Wine Bar in Seattle

Where are the top wine bars in Seattle, and what qualities does one find in the classiest of wine bars? Seattle Weekly has put together a top 10 list of the best of the best; hot spots  around the sound that are definitely not pretentious, stuffy, or boring by any means. Guess which Madrona haunt was name #6? That’s right; our favored Bottlehouse has made the cut due to it’s comfortable, drink a nice glass or two in your own living room kind of appeal. The wine poured from downstairs neighbor Wilridge winery are a regular’s delight, and the rotating list is sure to have something to please every palate.

Seattle Weekly mentioned the deck seating as a lovely feature, weather permitting, and the perks of having the retail shop connected if you taste something you really need to take home with you are leverage enough to land Bottlehouse in the number 6 slot. Check out the other sleek wine spots on the list at