Updates on the Madrona Corridor Plan and 34th Ave Sidewalk Repair

At the Madrona Community Council meeting last week, the SDOT presented an overview draft of scope work to address various conflicts with trees and sidewalks in the community. The ultimate goal for the SDOT will be to develop a “toolkit” of options to address these issues, using case studies such as the 34th Avenue  East corridor in Madrona as an example to illustrate what applications can be installed. The goal is to create a safe, inviting walkway environment, while growing and maintaining a healthy urban forest and preserving the existing areas. tree

Work will be completed in 2013, with repairs to sidewalks damaged by street trees, and implementing tree removal where necessary. They will be planting new trees where needed, and researching and implementing long terms solutions to the issues at hand. If you’d like to review the Draft Scope of Work for the project, any comments for suggested changes will be accepted now through February 7th and can be viewed here.

Gas Leak In Madrona Today

Madrona Gas LeakA little scare in Madrona today.  The City of Seattle was working on the sidewalk project on 34th Avenue and they hit a gas line.  Neighbors could hear the hissing of the gas line and smell it in the air.  The Seattle Fire Department was on the scene.  Kids at nearby St. Therese School were taken in from recess and the windows to the school were closed while they dealt with the gas leak.  The leak was repaired with no injuries reported.