Madrona Area Then & Now

Madrona HistoryThe Seattle P.I. has featured several Seattle neighborhoods with a photo shoot of then & now pictures of local buildings.  Recently they featured the “Madrona and Mann Neighborhoods.”  To be honest, I have lived in the area my whole life and I did not know exactly where the Mann neighborhood was – but I looked it up and determined that the Mann neighborhood is part of what is commonly known as the Central District.  No matter what you call the area, there are some cool old photos of Seattle real estate.  I was personally disappointed because none of the pictures are what I consider Madrona – but it is still interesting nonetheless.  The photos I found the most interesting are the photos of the old Madrona Theatre which was located near the corner of Cherry and Martin Luther King Jr Way – although back when the building was still in existence Martin Luther King was still called Empire Way.

Note:  If you click on the link to the Seattle P.I. and hover over the pictures in the film strip below the large photo, descriptions will pop up about each building.  Enjoy.