Procedures not followed by City in sale of public land

unfairA petition addressed to Mayor McGinn is circulating. It is in regards to the Greenbelt land located along MLK that the City of Seattle sold without following established procedures such as notifying neighbors within 1,000 ft of the borders of the property about the proposed plans to sell the public land or future plans for the property. People are not happy that the Department of Financial and Administrative Services proceeded with the sale process without notifying neighbors or asking for input. The land was sold through a realtor and not made transparent through a fair bidding process either by sealed bidding or by auction. The fact that the price dropped from $121,000 to $40,000 at the request of a developer bidder was not communicated to anyone other than a few interested parties and was not posted on a Notice Board or realtor’s website. Neighbors did object to the manner if how the bidding was conducted but the FAS continued to move forward with the sale. Neighbors strongly object to how unfair the sale was handled and feel betrayed by the city. They also feel that the sale is null and void due to the City’s actions in conducting the sale. It is asked that if you agree with the petition that you email or call Mayor McGinn and let him know.

Save Madrona’s Metro Bus Route

Metro BusSeveral representatives from Metro came to the Madrona Community Council Meeting this past Tuesday and met a packed Madrona Shelterhouse filled with unhappy neighborhood residents.  Madrona residents wanted to have a say on the new proposed route for the #2 Metro Bus and most of the 80 plus people made it clear that they did not like the suggested changes.

If you also want to have a say on the proposed Metro #2 bus route restructuring, several recommendations were made at the meeting on steps you should take to make your opinion known:

  1. Take the Metro Survey.  The survey has changed, so it is important to take this survey whether or not you have already participated in the earlier survey.
  2. Contact your King County Councilmember since Metro is controlled by the county.  Madrona’s King County Councilmember is Larry Gossett.
  3. Contact the Seattle Mayor and Seattle City Council since they control the streets that Metro uses.
  4. Attend a Metro presentation.  Maybe the closest meeting location to Madrona is at the Washington Middle School on February 27th from 6-8 PM, but there is also several other meetings in February.
  5. Share this information with your fellow Madrona neighbors and encourage them to take action as well.

Take what actions you can – I would say step #1, #2, and #5 are the easiest and could be the most important.  Whatever steps you take will help, although it may be an uphill battle to save the #2 route from Madrona through Downtown to Queen Anne.

Mayor McGinn Visiting Madrona Tomorrow

Mayor McGinnI wrote about Mayor Mike McGinn touring Madrona over a month ago.  Well the day has finally come.  Mayor McGinn will be touring the Madrona Business District tomorrow, Saturday, September 10th, starting around 10:30 AM.  He will start near 34th and Pike and work his way down 34th Avenue to The Facts Newspaper which just celebrated its 50th Anniversary this week.  Mayor McGinn will then have a town hall meeting at Madrona School (33rd and Union) starting between 11:15 AM and 11:30 AM.  Come and meet the mayor while he tours the Madrona neighborhood.

Rumor: Mayor in Madrona for National Night Out Tonight

Mayor McGinnRumor is that the mayor and some of the city council members will be in Madrona tonight for National Night Out tonight.  (I blogged about National Night Out yesterday).  I do not know if it is official business or for pleasure so I am not going to say which block party, but it will be east of 34th Avenue.  Just as exciting, I will be at a block party tonight in Madrona too.  🙂  I will be west of 34th Avenue.

Mayor McGinn to Tour Madrona

Mayor McGinnMayor Mike McGinn is tentatively schedule to do a walking tour of Madrona on the morning of Saturday, September 10th followed by a community Q&A.  The Madrona Community Council will be meeting with the Mayor’s office to determine the details.  The Q&A is believed to be too large for the Madrona Shelterhouse, so the Madrona K-8 may host the meeting.

Stayed tuned.

The People’s Pig – Madrona, Seattle or Portland?

Peoples PigFood trucks have been all over the news lately with the Seattle City Council voting to open up the ability of food trucks to serve on Seattle public streets.  Previously food trucks could only serve food if they were parked on private property.  The argument against this proposed new law is it will hurt Seattle restaurants who pay rent/property taxes, nonetheless Mayor McGinn is expected to sign it into law within 30 days.

But this whole debate got me thinking about The People’s Pig.  The People’s Pig truck is often parked in the Madrona neighborhood – not serving food – just parked there.  I often wondered where they served, but the only place I could find them is in Portland.   No matter if I go to their Facebook page, The People’s Pig website, the Seattle Times article, even Food Carts Portland (although from a couple years ago) which has a picture of The People’s Pig – they all say that The People’s Pig is in Portland.  Then why or why do I keep seeing the truck in Madrona over a several month period?

I am going to get to the bottom of this – inquiring minds want to know.  I am giving up on the World Wide Web in answering my question – I am just going to have to actually talk to someone.  So emails have been sent and blogs have been written, but in the mean time this Thursday, July 21st from 11 AM to 2 PM is the Mobile Chowdown at Lake Union Park (map).  With any luck The People’s Pig will be there, otherwise there is always lunch.

UPDATE: Check out the comments – looks like we are getting some answers!  World Wide Web I will never doubt you again.

Madrona has Chance to Speak with Mayor McGinn Last Night

Mayor McGinnMayor Mike McGinn had a town hall meeting at Garfield Community Center last night.  I know the Madrona Community Council planned to have a representative at the meeting.  I did not attend the meeting, but the Central District News did write a brief article on it.  The article mentions a Leschi resident that complained about the commute from Leschi to Downtown Seattle by bus or car – saying it was easier to get Downtown from Bainbridge.  No mention in the article that specifically applies to the Madrona neighborhood.