Remembering Dee Dee Ranibow

Madrona’s leading Mayfair parade maven Dee Dee Rainbow sadly passed away in November and her family and friends would like to invite the neighborhood to celebrate Dee Dee’s life on Jan 4th at the University Unitarian Church. Dee Dee taught art at Meany Middle School for 30 years, and was known for her positivity and vibrant spirit.

Photo Credit: Flickriver

Photo Credit: Flickriver

You could always find her at any given jazz event that happened within 500 miles of Seattle. There will be a parade in her honor this weekend and everyone is welcome to join in the celebration of one of Madrona’s kindred spirits. Please come dressed for the occasion (rainbow garments encouraged) to pay tribute to Madrona’s own Rainbow lady. The service will be held at 1:00pm, hope to see you there.

School Boundary Meeting TONIGHT

Madrona K-8 Map(Above is proposed map for Madrona K-8.  The biggest difference for Madrona is Meany, not Washington, is the new middle school if the student does not attend Madrona K-8.)

As we wrote on Friday, school boundaries are changing in Seattle and Madrona will be affected.  If you want input, then here are three ways to do so (although we are late on writing on two of them):

1)  Email comments to and either put our school or topic in the subject line.

2)  “Walk the Boundaries” which ends tomorrow.  Click the link for more information, but in short, you download a map, walk/drive the boundary and then fill out a survey online.  Maps can be found here.

3)  Considering attending a meeting tonight, Monday September 30th, at Meany Building Lunchroom just up the hill at 300 20th Ave E.   The meeting starts at 6:30 PM and is scheduled to end at 8:00 PM.   (I believe for easier access enter Meany from 300 block of 21st.)  If you cannot attend tonight, there is also a meeting Tuesday night at Ballard High School starting at 6:30 PM.

For more information about the boundary change, click here.