Dine Out Madrona Is Next Tuesday April 7

St CloudsThe participating restaurants in this year’s Dine Out Madrona fundraiser make it possible to support the Madrona K-8 PTSA at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Get your morning coffee at Cortona Café or Cupcake Royale/Verite; grab a midday salad or sandwich at the Hi Spot Café; head to happy hour at Bottlehouse; sit down to dinner at St. Clouds, the Madrona Eatery & Alehouse, or Assimba; all topped off with dessert at neighboring Molly Moon’s ice cream. These participating restaurants have generously agreed to donate a portion of the day’s sales to the Madrona K-8 PTSA., so make sure to visit at least one of them on the 7th!

Madrona & Madison Valley Dining and Sipping Society

The Madrona Dining and Sipping Society helped launch their first sister society at the end of April- they expanded into the Madison Valley Dining and Sipping Society, and all who came to Cafe Flora for the first joint meeting had a wonderful prix fixe meal paired with Wilridge wine, and applauded the meal after dessert. Love food? Love drinks? Love socializing? Come join the MDSS at one of their next upcoming events: von trapps

  • Taste the brews at Von Trapps
  • Catch some rays on the patio at Hi Spot Cafe
  • Flash Mob at Molly Moons!

To save a plate setting at one of the upcoming events, you’ll need to be on the MDSS email list, so contact audreyseale@comcast.net to start eating and drinking with the neighbors!

Madrona Blossoms Are Up!

madrona blossomsMadrona Blossoms went up this past Mayfair weekend, and are now a lovely addition to the streets of the Madrona business district.

These baskets are made possible by the Madrona Community Council, and take a year to grow and water throughout the summertime, and they look quite nice and full this year! If you’re around this Memorial Day weekend, head on over to Molly Moon’s for a scoop, and check out the baskets. madrona blossoms

Bindi In, Full Tilt Out at Pritty Boys Pizza

Pritty Boys PizzaI recently wrote how the Madrona neighborhood may be the king (or queen) of Seattle when it comes to ice cream – with everything from pints sold at Cupcake Royale, to ice cream sundaes at St. Clouds, to soft serve at the Madrona Market, and of course Molly Moon’s – but one of the factors leading me to this claim was Full Tilt ice cream at Pritty Boys Pizza.  Well, with the logjam of ice cream options, it looks like Pritty Boys has changed course.  So out with Full Tilt, and in with Bindi.  So if you are in Madrona and looking for a different dessert option, go by Pritty Boys and check it out.

Madrona’s Molly Moons to Stay Open Through the Winter

Molly MoonsLast year, Molly Moons in Madrona closed at the end of October and reopened this past May.  When they reopened, Molly Moons added scoops to the Madrona Micro-store and business seems to be good because with October coming to an end this year, construction has begun in the opposite window of the Madrona Landromat who they share space with.  Molly Moons is adding seating so they can stay open all year round.  No word yet in how many seats will be added, but it must be enough room to keep Madrona patrons warm inside and protected from the cold weather.  In addition, to the seating it sounds like there are plans for customers to be able to buy pints without waiting in line for others who are ordering scoops.  And if all of that was not enough good news, it also sounds like Molly Moons customers will also now have access to a restroom.  So Madrona residents, have no fear, your ice cream cravings can be relieved all year round at your local Molly Moons.

Madrona – Seattle’s Ice Cream Capital? Now Soft Serve Available

Ice CreamMadrona loves their ice cream – Molly Moon’s continues to have long lines all summer, Full Tilt ice cream is served at Pritty Boys Pizza and most of Madrona’s other restaurants (my family is fans of St. Cloud’s ice cream sundaes) serve ice cream.  Just a month ago, Cupcake Royale added ice cream pints-to-go at their Madrona location and of course you can always buy pints at Molly Moon’s or the Madrona Market and Deli (Madrona Mini-Mart) near the corner of 34th and Union…..BUT Madrona Mini-Mart has stepped up their ice cream game.  I went in Madrona Mini-Mart this past week and now they are serving chocolate and vanilla soft serve ice cream.  Thus Madrona’s ice cream options have expanded yet again.  I think Madrona is pretty safe from Baskin Robbins opening in the neighborhood any time soon, but ice cream lovers should feel right at home in Madrona nonetheless.

Madrona All Screams for Ice Cream

Molly MoonsIf it is a warm day in Seattle this summer there is no better place to look for your Madrona neighbor besides their home than Molly Moon’s.  Unlike last summer, Molly Moon’s serves scoops in their Madrona location and the neighborhood cannot get enough.  It is not uncommon to see long lines for their delicious ice cream.  If it is a nice day then take a walk up to the Madrona business district, get a cone and say hi to your neighbor.  Molly Moon’s is open daily from noon to 10 PM.

Molly Moon’s Reopens in Madrona

Molly MoonsMolly Moon’s has reopened their Madrona location after closing this past October for the winter.  When Molly Moon’s opened their micro-store in Madrona last May it was an experiment.  Molly Moon’s learned from their experience and have reopened the store after a mini-renovation.  When Molly Moon’s originally opened they did not serve scoops due to the size of the location and limits by city regulations, but they have reconfigured the store to allow for scoops of five different flavors.  Gone are the Mollipops, but now in addition to scoops you can order sundaes, milkshakes, ice cream sandwiches and more.  Go visit the new improved Madrona Molly Moon’s.  They are now opened daily from noon to 10 PM.

Madrona Molly Moons to Close for Winter

Molly MoonsI did not go by Molly Moon’s today, but the rumor was that Molly Moon’s Madrona Micro-Shop was to close at the end of October.  The rumor was for the ice cream shop to re-open this Spring.  I will update this blog when I have a chance to get more information.

Film Crew in Madrona Tonight

Madrona MovieThere was a film crew taking shots of the Madrona Business District on 34th Avenue near Union tonight.  The crew was filming in front of Molly Moon’s and Hi Spot when I was passing by.  I asked a man what the movie was, he said he was hired to do still shots, but did not have a lot of details.  I will let you know if I learn more.