Two Nickelsville Camps Move to Central District

This weekend marked the deadline for Seattle’s Nickelsville residents to move out of the Marginal Way location, and more than 100 residents will have to be dispersed to other camps, including two in the Central district. Over the three day weekend, two new camps were set up on the 2020 block of South Jackson, and the empty lot on 22nd & Union. According to the Seattle Times, residents get to choose which camp they’re relocated to based on seniority and all of the new locations now have the advantage of being closer to bus routes and other services than the Marginal Way location. Over the past few years, Nickelsville has been moved to two additional sites, but has been forced to move due to complaints from neighbors or city officials. tent

Neighbors of the Central district locations were given notice that the camps would be moving in, and although the immediate reaction to some may not have been a positive one, there are other successful camps running throughout the city near churches and church owned properties, such as St Joseph’s in Capitol Hill. Residents abide by strict housing rules that include no drinking alcohol or using drugs, and no weapons or abusive behavior on the property. We hope the camps will run smoothly in their new locations.