Procedures not followed by City in sale of public land

unfairA petition addressed to Mayor McGinn is circulating. It is in regards to the Greenbelt land located along MLK that the City of Seattle sold without following established procedures such as notifying neighbors within 1,000 ft of the borders of the property about the proposed plans to sell the public land or future plans for the property. People are not happy that the Department of Financial and Administrative Services proceeded with the sale process without notifying neighbors or asking for input. The land was sold through a realtor and not made transparent through a fair bidding process either by sealed bidding or by auction. The fact that the price dropped from $121,000 to $40,000 at the request of a developer bidder was not communicated to anyone other than a few interested parties and was not posted on a Notice Board or realtor’s website. Neighbors did object to the manner if how the bidding was conducted but the FAS continued to move forward with the sale. Neighbors strongly object to how unfair the sale was handled and feel betrayed by the city. They also feel that the sale is null and void due to the City’s actions in conducting the sale. It is asked that if you agree with the petition that you email or call Mayor McGinn and let him know.

Glassybaby Seconds Sale Happening Soon

glassybabyIt’s time again for Glassybaby’s Seconds Sale! It will be happening on Saturday, June 29th at the Madrona location. Doors open at 8:00am. From what I’ve heard, you better get there early to try to avoid an hour long wait in a line that can be a block or two long. Glassybaby’s stylish and colorful votives are usually $44 each but during the seconds sale they are priced at $28 each. All products in the seconds sale have small imperfections such as too small, too big or the shape might be off a bit. Glassybaby products quite popular and are great for gifts or for decorating a table for weddings and other events. 10 percent of all sales will be donated to the Kathi Goertzen Foundation which supports brain tumor research.