A New Place To Rest Your Feet In Nora’s Woods

If you’ve never heard of Nora’s Woods, Madrona’s pocket-sized park on 29th Avenue between Cherry and Columbia streets, you’re probably not the only one. Taking up just half a block, this tiny greenspace was named after former Madrona resident and community leader Nora Wood, who bought the land in 1987 with the intention of creating a haven for both native plants and residents of the neighborhood.

Nora's Bench 1A new bench installed earlier this month provides visitors to the park a spot to sit and enjoy this little slice of nature in the midst of an urban environment. You’ll find a variety of habitats in the park, including a  fern gully, a meadow, and a lowland forest. Next time you are in the area, take a detour through Nora’s Woods, sit on the new stone bench and thank Nora for preserving this patch of green for all to enjoy.


Madrona Playground – New Swing

Madrona Park

Yellow Swing at Madrona Park

Madrona Playgound got a new swing about a month ago.  Well, not really a new swing, more like a new chair.  Madrona Playground has always had two swing sets each with two swings.  One swing set has chairs for all ages, and the other set has two chairs for babies/toddlers.  But about a month ago, Madrona Playground got a new yellow chair replacing one of the chairs for babies/toddlers.  I have noticed these yellow chairs popping up in Seattle City Parks, but I did not really know the purpose.  I thought evil elves were installing them in the middle of the night to make parents have to referee between crying kids who all want the yellow chair instead of the old swings that everyone was perfectly happy with the day before.  With the same affect as the Coke bottle in The Gods Must Be Crazy, kids now knew there is a sparkling yellow chair and they all wanted it.

So I finally googled “Seattle Parks Swings” and found out that evil elves actually are not installing the chairs, but the Seattle Parks Foundation is.  It is all under the Yellow Swings Program and the program has a good purpose.  The yellow swings are ADA accessible allowing children of all abilities to use the swings.  Many of the swings are actually paid for with donations.  Click link to donate and make sure to select “Yellow Swing Program” under Donation Designation.

In all seriousness, thank you good elves, I mean Seattle Parks Foundation, for the new yellow swing at Madrona Playground.