Seattle Police Investigate Arson at Madrona Elementary

Seattle Firefighters responded to a 911 call this weekend early Sunday morning to a fire at Madrona Elementary School. According to the Seattle Times, firefighters quickly extinguished an intentionally set fire that burned a shed outside of the school. Someone had called in an arson after driving by the school around 12:30am Sunday morning and seeing the flames, and firefighters were able to put out the fire within 10 minutes. school

An investigation has since been determined that this incident was intentional, and has been handed over to Seattle Police for investigation. The fire has reportedly caused $2,500 in damages, with $1,000 damages to the school’s exterior, $1,000 to the shed, and $500 in damages to the contents that were inside the shed. If you have any information about this incident, please contact Seattle Police as soon as you can.

Early Morning Med Mix Fire Determined to be Arson

Meed Mix fireInvestigators for the Seattle Fire Department have determined that the early morning fire at Med Mix on 23rd and Union was intentionally set. The fire originated behind the restaurant in an exterior storage area. No one was inured but the fire caused an estimated $90,000 in damages. The SPD do not believe that the fire was related to other recent fires in the area, it just happened to be in the same area.

Dirty Water in Madrona

Madrona SeattleI do not know how many people had this problem in Madrona last night, but I started to make ice cubes and I noticed the water was yellowish brown.  Too bad I just got done making juice with that same water.  I called the city today and they confirmed what I have been told in the past when this happens.  The Seattle Fire Department was testing the water hydrants in the Madrona neighborhood and the surge of pressure from hooking up to them cause sediment in the lines to be disturbed.

I happened to have lunch today with a friend who is a firefighter for the Tacoma Fire Department.  I asked him if this story holds any water (pun intended) and he confirmed that it did.

The water in my Madrona house is okay now, but I asked the woman from the city what she thinks I should do with the juice I made with the dirty water from the night before.  She said, “I wouldn’t drink dirty water, but that’s up to you.’  I had already poured it out, but it always feels good to get a second opinion that agrees with you.