Corner Retail Space Available at Pike Station

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Over the years we have watched the progression of the gas station that had long stood in the Madrona business district for over 70 years be demolished and reincarnated as Pike Station,  a 7 unit townhome project. The project has been sustainably built, incorporating 15,000 gallons of onsite harvested rain water, radiant floor heating, and has private rooftop gardens for each unit, accommodating soil depth for food production. It appears all but one of the residential units have already sold, (70% of the units had sold in June of 2012 last year way before project completion) and there is also commercial retail space at street level currently available. This corner unit has great visibility on 34th ave, with concrete flooring and 12 ft high ceilings. The lease rate is set at $60/sf/yr, and common shared restrooms are located in the rear of the courtyard. If you have any updates on this project, please share them with us!

Hitchcock Madrona Hosting Trunk Show March 7th

Our favored local accessory connoisseurs  Hitchcock Madrona are hosting a trunk show Tuesday March 7th for one of their favorite “avant garde” artists, Ms. Harriet McNamara, and her extensive jewelery line Surplus.

Photo Courtesy of Hitchcock Madrona

Photo Courtesy of Hitchcock Madrona

Harriet has traveled the world over, and  has evolved a line where fashion meets fine jewelry, and created a fun and youthful way of wearing jewelry. All of Harriet’s jewelry is a one of a kind, handmade pieces from found objects and materials. Join other jewelry fanatics and meet the artist next Tuesday from 5-7pm. Champagne will be served, and fun will be had!

Seattle Magazine Dubs Hitchcock Madrona Best Jewelry Boutique

Some family secrets are not meant to be kept in the family; and we’re glad that cousins Erica Nelson and Dustin Nelson shared their expertise for fine jewelry with the Madrona community in their one of a kind storefront, Hitchcock Madrona. We’re not the only ones who have noticed their tailored craftsmanship; Seattle Magazine has named the local jeweler Seattle’s best jewelry boutique! The store carries Lulu Frost’s line of room-number pendants, made of casts from the original room numbers at the NYC Plaza Hotel, funky bracelets and rings, cashmere wraps, and an array of Pamela Love’s intricate necklaces.

The magazine also named original Madrona shop Guesthouse the best housewares shop, which has since moved to Madison Park after their huge success with a pop-up store this summer.


Guesthouse Moves to Madison Park

Madrona’s lovely decor studio Guesthouse has opened a new pop up store front in  the Madison Park neighborhood, right next to Ewing & Clark Real Estate and the Bank of America. Guesthouse is run by shopkeeper Kate Link, who is well noted for the shop’s custom upholstered seating, fine antiques, and gifts. Driftwood, that great little boutique consignment and art gallery which used to be across the street from Guesthouse in the teal building, has moved into the space that Guesthouse used to occupy in Madrona, and is settling into the space quite nicely.

Once we did a little research, turns out the shop might stick around in Madison Park, rather than find another space in Madrona; According to Curbed Seattle, the new Guesthouse pop up shop is going to become a permanent one, and the new flagship space. We wanted to find out for ourselves what the deal was so we popped into the new store, and found out that Guesthouse will in fact be staying in Madison Park until their lease is up in December, and then it’s still up in the air where they will reside from there. Whatever the case, the shop seems to be doing well in the Madison Park neighborhood, and if you haven’t been over to the new location, it might be worth a trip to check out their new decor.