Time is Running Out: Honey Biscuits at Madrona Farmers Market

Time is running out to shop at Madrona Farmers Market this year.  The farmers market runs every Friday afternoon from Spring through the Summer; the last one this year will be Friday, September 27th.  Thus you still have time to buy your favorite produce, but do not forget about the honey biscuits.  Art Stone, who first started making biscuits with his grandmother in North Carolina when he was 4 years old, founded Honey Biscuits and has sold his biscuits throughout the city including previously at Beecher’s in Pike Place and Verite Coffee.  Now you can find his biscuits at many of the local farmers market including Madrona Farmers Market.  Craving biscuits?  Walk down to the Madrona Farmers Market this afternoon and look for the honey biscuits.

Art Stone making “The MacGregor”  an oversized biscuits include chunks of Bavarian Meats bacon, Beecher’s Flagship cheese, and organic caramelized onions:


Madrona Farmers Market Starts May 18th

Madrona Farmers MarketMadrona Farmers Market starts Friday, May 18th and will be open from 3 PM to 7 PM every Friday until September 28th.  The Seattle farmers market is located in the Madrona Grocery Outlet’s north parking lot on the corner of Union and Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

Support your local farmers and get healthy fresh food by visiting Madrona Farmers Market starting on May 18th.

Madrona Farmers Market Opening Soon

Madrona Farmers MarketSeattle’s most famed farmers market is of course the Pike Place Market which Seattleites have frequented for over 100 years.  But there are also many local farmers markets that consistently served our neighborhoods for over 20 years now.  Fremont Market started in 1990 and several sister neighborhood markets have sprung up since.  And those are not the only neighborhood markets around – click this link to see more Seattle neighborhood markets.

Madrona Farmers Market tradition is not nearly as old as Pike Place Market or Fremont Market, nonetheless, nearby residents look forward to it opening from spring through summer.  Madrona Farmers Market opens Friday, May 20th and will take place every Friday through September from 3PM to 7 PM.  The market is located in the north parking lot of Grocery Outlet and will have everything from fresh produce, flowers, organic meat, to homemade pasta.  Please shop Madrona Farmers Market and support your local vendors.

Side Note:  Walking around the Madrona neighborhood, you might have notice signs for a farmers market stapled on telephone poles.  If you do not look closely you might mistake these as announcements for the opening of the Madrona Farmers Market.  They are actually for the new Othello Market which is an indoor, year-round market that is located in Rainier Valley south of Seward Park.  To learn more about Othello Market click the link.