Boat Owners at Leschi Marina Wonder What Happened to Moorage Fees

Photo courtesy of Seattle Times Greg Gilbert

Photo courtesy of Seattle Times Greg Gilbert

The city-owned Leschi marina is deteriorating and boat owners are wondering what the city did with the moorage fees that were collected each month. Decking is rotted, the outermost deck is sinking and the underwater flotation has broken away. Tenants of the marina say that for 30 years the city collected moorage fees that should have been used to maintain the marina but instead were diverted to other uses in the Parks and Recreational system. Money was used to keep doors open to community centers, to maintain parks, and to continue low-income families’ participation in sports and recreation which was said to be more important than maintaining the marina. $8 million is needed to make the necessary repairs. Mayor Mike McGinn has agreed to add $4 million to the budget to go specifically towards repairing the marina. The city had been searching for a private operator to take over the moorage before McGinn stopped the search after boat owners expressed concern of possible higher fees and commercialization of the property. Tenants were also angry at the fact that they were left out of the planning process of the North and South Leschi marinas. The city has agreed to create two Project Advisory teams which will include community members to be sure they have a say in what happens with the marina.

Reserve Space at Madrona Park Beach for Your Next Event

madronaMadrona Park Beach is the perfect place to hold company and family events. There is room for playing, water for swimming and picnic areas for eating. If you are looking for a place to have a birthday party or family reunion, reserving tables are an excellent idea. There is a shelter available for $90/day with capacity of up to 80 and 7 reservable tables for $20/day. The park features restrooms, parking and 5 grills. Park hours are 8:00am – 10:00pm.

Enjoy the Summer heat at the beach! Madrona Park Beach hours are  11:00am – 7:00pm weekdays and noon – 7:00pm weekends. The beach features a play area for kids, a diving board, swimming raft and on duty lifeguards.

Third Annual Financial Fitness Day

Seattle Public SchoolsIf you are interested, Madrona residents should not miss the Third Annual Financial Fitness Day, Saturday, March 9th, 10am to 3pm at the Rainier Community Center. Free money management services to all Seattle area residents.  You’ll be able to get help filing their tax returns, printing free credit reports and reviewing them, opening bank accounts, creating household budgets, developing plans to get out of debt, understanding options to foreclosure, applying for benefits, such as child care, food stamps, utility assistance, student loan assistance, and veterans’ benefits, learning to write a resume or apply for a job online, starting or growing a business, planning for retirements, getting legal advice on consumer rights and bankruptcy, and shredding confidential documents.

Free workshops throughout the day will cover credit reports; homeownership; dealing with debt collectors; money management, job readiness and employment resources; planning for retirement.

All services are free, so don’t miss out. This event is co-sponsored in part by the Seattle King County Asset Building Collaborative, City of Seattle, United Way of King County, and Seattle Parks and Recreation.

That’s the FREE Financial Fitness Day, Saturday, March 9th, 10am to 3pm at the Rainier Community Center in Seattle.

For more info or to register, click

Madrona May Benefit From Seattle Parks and Green Space Levy Meeting Tonight

Madrona ShelterhouseTonight there will be a meeting open to the public at the Jefferson Community Center, 3801 Beacon Ave South, to discuss the Citizen Oversight Committee’s recommendations to spend $10 million of the Parks and Green Spaces Levy inflation funds for Seattle Parks and Recreation major maintenance projects.  In 2008, the Seattle voters passed the Parks and Green Space Levy which had money built into it for inflation, but because of the downturn in the economy the projects were finished under budget leaving money left over.  The Citizen Oversight Committee‘s recommendation is to re-allocate inflation allowance funds for a specific set of projects.  Three of those projects are in the Seattle Central Area, including Madrona.  Those projects are to replace the roof at Garfield Community Center ($465,000), repair the roof at Medgar Evers Pool ($1,600), and to renovate the “Madrona Comfort Station” ($200,000).  The Madrona Comfort Station is better known as the Madrona Playfield Shelterhouse.  The meeting is tonight, Monday, June 27th from 7 PM to 9 PM and, again, the public is encourage to participate.