Leschi & Madrona Park Bathrooms Destroyed by Fireworks

MadronaSeattle Police are asking for help to find the vandals that caused thousands of dollars of damages to public bathrooms in Madrona Park and Leschi Park.  On the 4th of July, vandals used fireworks to blow up toilets at both park locations.  (See video of news story).  Other damage was also done.  For example at Madrona Park, the dumpster had fire damage including having the plastic lid completely melted away.

Seattle Parks normally lock all bathrooms during the Independence Day, but decided to leave them open this year since parks have heavy use during the holiday.  Hopefully, a few vandals will not change this new policy for the future.  Click the link to Komo News to read more about the destruction at Madrona Park and Leschi Park.

Seattle Police Officer Tweeting While on Patrol in Madrona Area

Seattle PoliceSeattle Police Officer, Heather Conway, is tweeting while she is on duty today from 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM  to give the public a better idea what a typical day is like for a police officer.  Officer Conway regularly patrols the Seattle neighborhoods of Madrona, Leschi, and the Central District.  Click the link to read more about Officer Conway and to learn where to follow her tweets for the rest of her shift.


Carjacking in Madrona Tuesday Night

Seattle PolicemanThe news has been on Madrona Moms about a carjacking that took place in Madrona this past Tuesday night.  A woman was driving home on Martin Luther King Jr. Way from Columbia City when she took a right on Cherry.  Right before she got to 34th Avenue a car bumped her and she stopped to check for damage.  Two men from the other car approached her car on either side and the man on the driver side tapped her window with a gun.   They told her to put all of her belongings on the passenger seat and to get out of the car.  She was allowed to leave, so she started up 34th Avenue towards the Madrona Business District.

Her car was one which has a proximity key.  When she got out of the car the key was in her pocket, thus it caused her car to turn off when she walked away.  The Seattle Police were able to recover the car not far from where she left it.  The police are checking for prints and are reviewing nearby traffic cameras to see if they can get any further information.

Luckily the woman was not harmed.  One theory the police had is the driver might have gained the carjackers’ attention with her ring.  While the woman lost her possessions that she left in the front seat of the car, she did not lose her ring.  I was told she took the gum she was chewing out of her mouth, took the ring, and stuck both of them in her hair.

Please be aware of what happened and be safe.  Attached is a safety article on carjacking by US Department of State.  This carjacking incident happened around 7 PM on a Tuesday night so it seems this could happen at any time.  If someone hits your car, don’t hesitate to call 911 and keep them on the line until you know you are safe.

Pit Bull Loose in Madrona

Madrona DogAccording to Madrona Moms, a pit bull was roaming free in Madrona this morning and attacked another dog who was being walked by its owner.  It took two people to pull the attacking dog off the other dog.  The Seattle Police have been notified (incident #11364418), but if you see the dog please report it.  The dog was last seen on 31st Avenue.

Reports of Gun Shots Fired at Powell Barnett Park

policeman-cartoonYesterday, Saturday, September 3rd, just outside of Madrona at Powell Barnett Park (map) was a program to bring people together to combat neighborhood violence.  I was there around 1:30 PM and people were setting up, music was playing, and there was dance group with uniforms practicing.  We left before the event began, but according to neighborhood reports someone was giving a speech when gun shots were fired and people scattered.  The people who reported the shots left Powell Barnett Park immediately after the shots were fired and as the Seattle Police were arriving.

I have not been able to find any confirmation on the police website, but I have found the police website to be unreliable in the past when looking for events that I know have happened.

UPDATE: Came across this blog which had more details.