Madrona K-8 Principal Not Returning This School Year

Farah Thaxon has been the Principal at Madrona K-8 for the past three years, and has announced that she will be moving on this school year to focus on elementary education as the Principal of Emerson Elementary, within Seattle Public Schools. This decision for change was not made lightly by Thaxon. “Please know that I am still dedicated to the community and the school,” said Thaxon. “I will continue to be the champion for Madrona K-8 as it is one of the most amazing school and communities that I have been part of.” schoolMary McDaniel will serve as the interim Principal for the 2013-14 school year. In a letter Thaxon wrote to the school community, she said “most of all I am thankful for the relationships that have developed with the students, families, and Madrona community. Madrona is a wonderful place full of joy, passion, and most of all a community that cares for every student.” Even though the school will be continuing on this school year with a new principal, the same values will be instilled. If you did not receive the letter from Thaxon in the mail, and would like to read it, you may find the link below.

Letter From Ms Thaxton

Update on School Zone Speed Cameras

Earlier this week we blogged about the new School-Zone Speed Cameras. According to the Seattle Times, there were over 6,000 speeders since November 1st when the cameras went live. Mayor Mike McGinn was surprised by these numbers. Because there were so many speeders, the warning-citation period that was supposed to end THIS WEEK, has now been extended to Monday, December 10. From that day forward any vehicle caught driving faster than 20 MPH in those school zones when lights are flashing, they will expect to receive a $189 ticket in the mail!According to the Seattle Times and McGinn, if drivers continue to exceed the speed limit in the numbers they did in November, the city could expect to collect between $2-4 million in ticket revenue each year! Although McGinn said, “Our goal is not to write tickets, it’s to reduce speed.”

So drivers, SLOW DOWN! Any day after Monday December 10th, if caught speeding in those school zones, you WILL be ticketed!

For more information and to read the full article from the Seattle Times, visit their website!

A Look Inside Seattle’s Girl’s School

The Seattle’s Girl’s School is a 5th through 8th grade middle school in the Central area, designed to empower young girls to develop leadership skills through a challenging academic program. The school enrolls students from 20 different k-5 schools, with students traveling from 26 various zip codes to attend.

According to their website 35% of their students identify themselves as students of color, and a minimum of 30% of students receive need-based financial aid. The school aims to teach young women about democratic decision making, team building, and artistic and physical expression and preparing students for the world at large. The school held an open house this weekend for families curious about admission, and offered a chance to get an inside glimpse of what the school is all about. They’re offering another open house next month on December 4th from 6:00pm-8:00pm, mark your calendars to learn more about the school’s educational system.