Update on Madrona Metro Bus Stop

Metro BusIf you have an opinion on the Madrona Metro Bus Stop across from Madrona School, you now have more time.  Metro has postponed any decisions until February 15th.  This is the information coming from King County who runs Metro:

I just spoke with the transportation planner in Metro’s route facilities group who is assigned to this project. She just let me know that the work is postponed for now. A new rider alert will go up today that allows for public comment on the decision-making until Feb. 15. The decision would be to either move forward removing the stop and shelter, keep the stop but remove the shelter, or keep the stop and refurbish the shelter. Apparently there have been many complaints from neighbors over the years about illegal and noisy activity going on in the shelter at the stop, including requests for the stop to be moved. For now, you have at least until the 15th to get your comments in about what you would like to see happen with the stop. You can direct comments to Metro’s customer service at 553-3000 or customer.comments@kingcounty.gov.